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My own life experience with all things happen right in front of my eyes…all have told me that the WHOLE STATIST SYSTEM that combines all government institutions and agencies, all private corporations, private networks have been working in very well engineered concert to enslave the people, or rather I must say the whole humanity.
The problem is, at least to my opinion, so far no one, even so-called anarchists dares to point out the elephant in the room, namely the government system of power without which all other “forces” will become toothless so to speak!
All of current “intellectuals” and even anarchists are just “brave” enough to expose Gates and his ilk! Yes, people have already known that! Then WHAT? Begging government to “Please stop Otherwise we will cry and die?” Such bloody cowards and fake anarchists!
Did the Haymarket massacre (May 4, 1886 Location Chicago, Illinois, U.S) teach these “intellectuals” anything? Actually not! For more than 100 years since that massacre took place, every time they “commemorate” this massacre, they only either blame the capitalists, bad “anarchists” and/or government “bad apples”! But not the system of government as a whole that John Pierre Proudhon correctly describe perfectly:
“it is clear that Government is made for the defense of the rich against the poor. For the perfecting of this state of affairs, it is necessary that what exists should be defined and consecrated by law”



Folks, what did I say about the so-called BLM at the beginning of the planned riot? I said it was a political trap for black people in which blacks were used but would gain nothing but hate and despise from everyone else …and further oppression by government thugs at the end of the day.

Watch and listen to the BELOW (CLICK ON THE PHOTOS) so-called journalism of RT reporting on the anti Covid-fraud protest in Berlin. Here RT lies and lies and lies again about the scientific aspect of the Scamdemic. But that’s not the point.


The point is Government and its thugs (again I must emphatically, categorically repeat NOT BILL GATES or UN or any other “evil organization) have tried everything to oppress and assault on people who courageously went out to exercise their freedoms and to expose the Covid fraud, but gave the BLM a free pass to … even riot and vandalizing!

Have you intellectual idiots out there now seen clearly that this whole “crises” are government orchestrated and engineered yet? I guess not!

Have you black people woke up yet to see clearly that you have been used and trapped by the Jews and stupid white goyim in this war on humanity?

Muslims, blacks, and whites! Why are you so stupid that let the Jews trick you into this so easily? (forget about the Asians, these cowards can run either ways with their heads bowing down as long as they have something to put into their mouths! I know them because I am Asian! In fact you don’t have to be an Asian to know this “culture”, just look at their history, or right now the way they live in their countries or next to you!)

However, the most critical thing YOU must understand is that their power is not the money or the shit cheap fictitious book called Bible or anything else, but the very government system that you believe in! One they controlled the government they can force you to do harmful things on yourselves and even “make” you voluntary and willingly do it onto others for them!

If you do understand this paradigm and their modus operandi , you know what to do ! But by now, IF you still don’t see your system of government power is your enemy , then you deserve everything they impose on you!