In this time of tyranny and repression, many Europeans have proven that they deserve to be called “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!” Thousands of doctors, millions of people have bravely defied the storm of fear and stupidity to speak up not only with words but action.

People must push back harder and harder. Because The-Power-that-should-not-be and their Governments will not easily give up their final solution that they had planned for decades before they desperately started it in Wuhan, China half of a year ago in full force globally.

Teacher Francie Keller welcomes the pupils of class 3c of the Lankow primary school on their first school day after the summer holidays in Schwerin, Germany. Despite a spike in virus infections, European authorities are determined to send children back to school. (Jens Buettner/DPA via AP, file)