Folks, the so-called White Christian Democracies are now worse than ChiCom China! Everything that Government used as their make-up i.e human rights, rule of law etc has been brazenly dropped… And the true nature of government. the state has been revealed. But no one dares to call for abolishing this kakistocracy system ! Even Max Igan does not realize this plain truth!

Yes, these evil people and their evil plans all have been exposed! Everything about them is true! Then what? “petition” to Government? Begging government to stop them? To arrest them?

I don’t know what the shit happen to these so-called “truth seekers” brains!

Why are they so blind when it comes to the truen nature of government and its crimes?

I don’t give a shit about any evil out there! Without nation state and government system, they just cannot carry out anything of their plans at all! Everything they plan has to be carried out by the States and national governments. That’s why they always advocate and promote the “indispensable” role of government in people lives! That’s why they have been demonize anarchism at all cost!

Get rid of the government system and most of the human problems will be gone!

Where are all the true anarchists?