Mussolini was right: democracy is fallacy. But people, especially the so-called intellectuals believe in it and trust it with their lives, despite their non-stop sufferings!

If you want to wake people up, Or if you really want to be a public bell ringer, you should be and must be wise and honest. You must have the courage, and the integrity to call a spade a spade!

Stop blaming the psychopaths called politicians that “We the people have chanted to give them the “authority!” Stop blaming all the individuals and groups or corporations who just “asked” Government to carry out and impose their plans on the people directly by the people themselves!

I am sorry to say that it is NOT Dan Andrew or Mao Tse Dong, or Hitler, Stalin, F.D.Roosevelt, Truman, Bush etc who did it to the people! The majority of the people did asked for it and they did all the thing to themselves! And it is very “democratic!”

First, it’s the people who VOTED for these psychopaths, who would never need to lift a finger to hurt anyone! It’s the government thugs who do to the people!

Second, who are the thugs that directly violate the people according to “plans?” They are people family members, relatives, and neighbors! This is democracy at work perfectly!

I myself experience this democrazy, sorry, democracy first hand. If you don’t wear a muzzle, the first ones who would violently harass you ARE NOT the government thugs, but YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, then your neighbors! If you are at the shopping mall or in a super market, it’s the people , your dear fellow citizens around you who would violently harass you and dob you in!

Australians, Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese etc are the same. I am telling you as an-ex Viet, who has spent all his life as a public bell ringer, who fled the shithole Vietnam only to end up in the same shithole Australia! That means I was wrong, and I used to be a statist idiot like you all now!

It’s all about the nature of government system of power and the statist belief in people mind.

You see my dear intellectual idiots! Genghis khan, Kings, Queens, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Polpot, Napoleon, Roosevelt, Truman, Bush etc ALL DIED one after the other… But the statist system of government that gave them the Authority to violate and murder millions of people is still here on this planet! You can get rid of Dan or Sadam, or Bush, or Clinton etc.. only to end up with the same shit tomorrow! I don’t need a crystal ball at all!

You intellectual idiots! Can you see this obvious yet?

No you can’t! I know that! Because you are so terrified that no one will build roads for you to go, and no one will make laws for you to obey, to tell you what to do and how to live…and no thugs to beat you up and shoot you down when you “wake up!” That’s called slavery! The true slavery!

With such slavery, your brain stops functioning! I have no surprise.


Australia’s answer to Mao wants to extend his state of emergency for another YEAR. This should frighten anyone who values liberty

Guy Birchall

Guy Birchall, British journalist covering current affairs, politics and free speech issues. Recently published in The Sun and Spiked Online. Follow him on Twitter @guybirchall

24 Aug, 2020 19:39

Victoria’s Dan Andrews has brought in some of the most draconian Covid-19 lockdown restrictions on the planet and now wants the right to keep them in place for a further 12 months. This public health tyranny needs to be stopped.

I regret to report that Melbourne’s answer to Mao Zedong has decided that he really rather enjoys being able to tell people exactly what they have to do and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Chairman, sorry, Premier Dan Andrews of Victoria is trying to railroad a bill through the legislature that would allow him to keep the current state of emergency going for another 12 months.

Australia’s second most populous city has already been in a state of emergency for six months, meaning that if he gets his way he will have been free to run the place like his own private penal colony for 18 months. The current state of emergency legislation expires after six months, precisely to stop power hungry bureaucrats like him giving themselves extraordinary powers without any checks. 

As it stands the state of emergency in Victoria, which was first declared on March 16, will expire on September 13. However, King Dan doesn’t think his subjects can be trusted to go about their daily lives just yet lest the dreaded coronavirus runs rampant through his fiefdom. 

Land Drone Under: Cops in Melbourne are using drones to spy on citizens to make sure they don’t break lockdown rules

He claims not to be seeking an “unlimited” extension, but seems very reticent to put any kind of firm limit on when exactly he should be stopped from keeping around 6.5 million people under house arrest. According to Andrews: “We simply can’t have those important rules, and the legal framework that sits behind them, we can’t have that end [on September 13].” 

Allegedly, he “certainly hopes” these rules and restrictions won’t be necessary for another 12 months, but added that without a vaccine many of these rules would still be needed. This is endemic of the mission creep we have seen across the West since the bulk of us locked down in March. Back then, we were told the lockdowns were to stop healthcare systems being overwhelmed. Other than in Northern Italy, which had a number of unique issues, nowhere in the West came even close to being unable to cope with the number of patients. In fact, hospital admissions have dropped in most countries despite there being a pandemic.

Now we don’t hear any talk of “slowing the spread” or “flattening the curve,” but have shifted to “we need a vaccine” before things can go back to normal. But there is no guarantee that a vaccine is even possible, and all the while the death rate is proving even more infinitesimal the more we learn. Most people do not require hospitalisation and make a full recovery, while an ever-increasing number appear to be completely asymptomatic. This situation is best exemplified by the fact that as sport has resumed around the world, and athletes are being constantly tested in case they might accidentally be playing top level sport while carrying the disease, precious few are. 

Fortunately, the opposition in Victoria finally seem to have got their act together and are opposing Andrew’s latest move to make himself a public safety Caesar. Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said both his Liberal Party and the National Party would “be opposing this power grab with everything we’ve got… This is not the act of a democrat. This is the act of a premier whose power has gone to his head.” 

He added: “We understand that in a pandemic, sometimes there need to be restrictions. But there’s a reason why the state of emergency, in law, is limited to six months because no premier, no politician, should have that degree of power over the lives of Victorians indefinitely.”

This is an exceptionally good point when one considers that the case numbers across Victoria are falling, which should obviously mean that Chairman Dan’s extraordinary powers should be rowed back, not extended. Especially when one considers how enthusiastically he has used them thus far. 

Current restrictions on the lives of Victorians include, an outdoor mask mandate everywhere at all times, a curfew from 8pm to 5am when you cannot leave your home, the police having the power to enter homes without a warrant and using drones to make sure people aren’t walking their dogs too much.

Of course, according to Andrews: “The most logical, the most prudent thing to do, is to simply accept the fact that we have a need for rules … they’re not about individual liberty, they’re about public health. They’re about protecting everyone.” 

There you have it: the people should just simply accept that we need these new rules. It’s not about such frivolous things as “individual liberty,” this is about “public health.” The fact that he Andrews so blithely dismisses such liberty should send a shiver down the spine of anyone who actually values their own agency. These freedoms have been hard won and they are far easier to take away than they are to win back.

Melbourne cops may now enter homes without warrant, after 11 people die of Covid – Australia, this is madness, not democracy

The restrictions also don’t seem to be working. Along with having the most stringent lockdown in Australia, Victoria has had by far and away the most cases and deaths with 430 people so far recorded as having died with Covid-19. The second worst hit state, New South Wales, has had just 52 deaths but has not had a lockdown anywhere near the one in place in Victoria. 

Any restrictions on hard won freedoms should be brought in with extreme caution and with the utmost reluctance, but these curbs in Victoria seem to have been brought in on the back of a misguided sense of righteousness. That is the only explanation for why Andrews could even contemplate wanting to rewrite the law to allow him to extend them for such a long time. 

One can only hope that other leaders will view his handling of this crisis as a cautionary tale rather than a blueprint, otherwise the world’s new normal risks being very abnormal indeed.