This video is only 30 second long! That’s all I needed!

Folks, after a heavy rain last night, the roads, streets are wet, and part of the biking trail have been flooded. Despite of that, this morning Sunday 23-Aug-2020 I biked out to exercise and do some shopping. I need veggies, I am a vegan, remember! 🙂

On the way to the local grocery I met two Asian ladies, who dared enough not to wear any muzzle at all! These two ladies did make this morning a greatest morning I ever had.

At the grocery, I notice the prices of veggies and fruits have been dropped dramatically! People have been intimidated by the government to stay in side their home. So the number of shoppers has been dropped at an unprecedented level. These are perishable goods, that’s why the prices had to to be slashed down in order to sell fast…to just a few “daring” customers like me!

Folks, obviously they deliberately planned to kill all small business, especially small local farmers, who are independent organic healthy food providers to the communities. That’s why these small farmers have to be eliminated! With this trend, small farmers have to cut down production or even stop growing! Only big agribusiness and giant supermarkets will remain to control and rule over the whole food supply!

Folks! STOP buying food from giant Super Markets! These scums of the earth don’t need your supports! They are human-blood suckers! Thier foods are GMO and poisonous! Please SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS and local groceries by buying AS MANY THING from them as you could, even you may have to pay little bit more! But all is worth it! They are the real healthy food suppliers for you. YOU need THEM, and THEY need YOUR SUPPORTS.

Without your supports they cannot continue to serve you. Without them, you will not have healthy food at all! Think about this folks!