PQC: Yes, I watched it in its entirety, folks!

All the usual “forbidden” stuffs about Military Security Industrial Complex, Bill Gates , Business Councils Event 201 etc….And Youtube still lets this “forbidden thing” to be seen there!!!??? Are they kidding me?

WHY has Youtube let such “forbidden” to be watched there?

Folks, I strongly urge You to carefully watch, listening to this “forbidden documentary” in its entirety. And then think, analyze, and come to your own conclusion, folks!

To me, the key word is SYSTEM OF NATIONAL GOVERNMENT that is deliberately omitted and missing! That’s why it’s not only OK but also “desirable” to be on Youtube, despite being “forbidden”!

Because the whole message of this so-called “Forbidden documentary” is just the ad nauseam exposing and blaming it all on big corporations and some “bad apples” in Government(s)!

[Side note] In the Jew-Ish-A, shithead white nationalists of MAGA and shithead Vietnamese-Yankees still believe that the criminal jewish clown in tweets in the their respected whore house will save them and defeat the Covid Jewish criminals!!! It defies logic! It’s beyond any cure at all! Well, go and vote! Be my guests!

This is so brazenly misleading and disinforming to the people about the true nature of this Covid fraud: That is the establishment of total government (or state power) control over total world population.

Their goal is not about MONEY, you intellectual idiots! They do not go to such great effort to have the MONEY that they can print from thin air infinitely at their own pleasure! As a matter of fact, they have been doing just that since the “lockdown” and raining trillions OF DOLLARS “stimulus package” over everywhere! Since the “lockdown” NO ONE has been paying tax! They don’t need your tax money, idiots!

Their goal is not to “reset” the old world in order to restart a fresh new world either!

Their ultimate goal is to REPRESS humanity to establish a New World Order in which total submission of the population or rather total slavery of humankind under police nation-states that is and must be achieved through national government system of power! That is the New World Order is all about!

Depopulation is just one of their secondary objectives. The so-called “vaccine” will do not only the sterilization but also to reduce the intelligence, the critical thinking ability in the general population at large! Yes, you’ve heard it right! Humankind will be stupefied and stupified through forced vaccination! The Covid-virus does not exist! So what the hell else the so-called “vaccine” for? Who knows what the shit in it!

The facts on the ground are not only clear under the sunlight but have been thrown right on people faces:

It’s the governments “new decrees and laws” that have been directly violating and destroying people lives.

It’s the Government’s thugs and scumbags, (the whole government bureaucracy and government violent forces, all that have been directly assaulting and forcing every harmful measures on the people.

The apparent FACT remains true all the time is that without the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM OF POWER, all these mentioned EVIL CORPORATIONS e.g Bill Gates, MSIC, ChiCom etc could never have been able to violate, assault, and enslave people in such global scale!

The fact that ALL small, insignificant, pariah nation-state governments have been bullied and bribed into this global Covid crime is very telling by itself. That is, NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM OF POWER is not benevolent, is not protective for the People, but on the contrary , is corrupt, harmful, and destructive to the People.

And that neither the WHO nor the World Bank nor the IMF (all of which must rely on nations ‘ contribution to operate) that bribed many governments into this Covid-Fraud, but it was and still is the very Jewish Federal Reserves that has printed out all the money for this Covid operation, since the green back is still the international reserved currency though it has been relatively declining.

Government system of power, in reality, in practice, is NOT “of the people, by the people, for the people,” as it has been deceitfully propagandized.

Because if Government were benevolent and protective for the people and the nation (as shithead nationalists believe in nationalism), all the criminal organizations, institutions mentioned above would have been arrested and punished years ago! … And all the current Covid-crimes would have never had a chance to be carried out and imposed on the People by… Governments themselves!

Mussolini was wrong about almost everything, but one thing he was (is) absolute right and correct in stating that:

“Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy.”

And he concluded:

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
― Benito Mussolini

That’s exactly what ALL GOVERNMENTS around the world are: FASCIST SYSTEM. And “democracy” has actually been proven especially right now a FALLACY!

Folks, as always, the last word is yours. Please watch, read, listen to, think, analyze, and come to your own conclusion.



BTW, this morning I biked to shopping downtown. I met a young native English speaking lady who did not wear a muzzle. We stopped and have a long chat about this whole criminal Covidfraud. She was trying to spread the message to the people inside the supermarket,t but they harassed her. When she met me outside and found “her kind” in me, she started to weep of happy, of relief and we had a very warm chat outside under a full sunlight! While she was talking about the whole corrupt government system, tears running down her cheeks and her voice shacking… because she feared for her small kids who would be taken away when school resume. She told me the same intimidation the thugs have been carrying out in her town such as noisy low hovering choppers over people roofs and thugs on their unmarked motorbikes roaming around local streets etc..She also feared for her kids if something happen to her husband and herself if they decide to join the protest.

I told her that her husband and she did the right thing. We do not need heroes in this great struggle. The welfare and well-being of the kids must ultimately the first and highest priority. That’s exactly what this fight against Covid Fraud is all about: protect our children health and their future! In this precarious situation of total police state, doing research and spreading alternative information and facts is truly courageous and it is an important contribution to the common cause in her case.

I saw true humanity in her eyes and felt human strength in her voice. Folks, we still have quite a humane thing to bank and build on!

Thus, as always, I decided not to post the clip not only because I have no consent and permission from her, but also mainly because I want to protect her and her kids even if I had her consent and permission. What will happen to her kids if she were dobbed in by her sheeple neighbors? You know what kind of zombie the thugs are!

We DO NOT need heroes in this struggle for freedom! This tiny obscured Blog is not and never will be a clickbait, irresponsible stupid web-fame or “stupid credit contest”! We need to be wise and well calculated actions accordingly. And protect the children at all cost is the most important and highest priority of all!

Last, sorry for my rusty English. For years I have stopped writing in English since I left Lewrockwell.com. I am trying to revive my English at my age with diabetes which stops me from a doing lengthy reading and writing on screen. I have tried to come back to my articles (which were often hastily written at night or in early morning) to do spelling and grammatical correction as much as I can. Anyway, no excuse at all. Just bear with my rusty English and give it some slacks. That’s all!