Folks! Please WATCH this show by Max Igan carefully, especially the last 9 minute segment!

As you can see clearly now that this arse end of the world has been jewed deeply and badly that the whole national system, (government and private), has now been ganging up to destroy liberty and humanity on this continent. The assault has been intensified at and from every level of this criminal government. I always want and wish my guessedictions will be wrong! But all one by one have come to reality.

Governments, regardless of left and right, have been forcing the same criminal policy on the people. I am not surprised.

The statist government system is bicephalous monster. Politicians and political parties, whatever their labels are , they are all in the same side in the eternal game of power against the people, against liberty, against humanity.

Their ultimate goal is to establish a NWO of police nation-states under their total control over total slavery on this planet of mankind. In this NWO, people are no longer free human being, but are devolved to just the property of system of government. People will be used as government’s guinea pigs and robots.

Here in this arse end of the world, and as in the whole English speaking world, the five Jewish main operating grounds namely, the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the “final solution” has been ready to be implemented: forced vaccination!

As I have warned many times over that in the West, the whole system of government has been doing the bidding for the Jewish controlled Cabal, who is desperate and will double down on everything , and will force everything on the people to complete their plan with the “final solution”: total slavery, unless we, the free people fight back and we must fight hard.

Unfortunately, right at this precarious moment when we, the people, need each other solidarity the most, all the stupid so-called white nationalists and the Black Stupidity Matters keep fighting each other in the stupid imagined lines of race and that of left vs right, which do not exist at all. These non-existing lines are created by governments and the Jewish Cabal in order to divide and conquer humankind.

Government and its Jewish controlled Cabal masters have treated and trodden on Blacks Whites, Browns, Yellows, Jews . Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Lefts, Rights etc everyone ..all the same. They, the ruling elites belong to a special club, special Cabal that you people and I and all the rest ain’t in it! They call themselves Government!

All the so-called nation-states survival and rivalry is just their games to divide humankind with stupid nationalism. The China’s ChiCom did not come to the USA to violate American human dignity and destroy American liberty! It’s the USA government that has done all that to the American people. And the same is true for the Chinese people. It’s the Chinese government that has murdered millions of Chinese and has taken away their human rights and freedoms, no one else!

In this dangerous time, sadly the people have been divided everywhere by all the racial and national lines that the power has created to trap mankind in constant and perpetuate conflict. Therefore for those who cherish liberty and human dignity will have to fight in multiple fronts. The battle will be ugly and messy. But that’s the price you pay for freedom, for being a real human being, not just a guinea pig or a robot.

It’s all up to you folks! Everyone has only one life to live. “To live” I mean not just breathing, eating, and shitting, but really and truly LIVE before we all die.

So it’s your decision and yours alone folks.