PQC: Oh my! My dear Gilad, Why are you surprised at all? I guess from the first day you decided to call a spade a spade and to be free as being yourself, you must have known all these “absurd” things would come to you sooner or latter.

You are lucky that your financial situation allows tou to have your own website (blog). Why don’t you just forget (or boycott) all those platforms in order to concentrate your time and energy to perfect your own Blog. Your own Blog can become a common place for people of like-mind or say a Un-review like.

Please, don’t waste your time and energy to explain yourself or even to blame these modern time info-thugs. Don’t play their game and don’t use their tools. After all, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc.. are “private businesses.” They have right to set “rules” on their products. They did not their guns on people head to force people to using their products. They are just monopolize their products thanks to government control with its licensing system!

No body tell you what to write in your own blog at your own domain. At least to this day though. In the near future, government will force every web hosting and ISP to be first level thought police. This is inevitable under statist paradigm.

There has never been an open society within statist paradigm, or government system as people normally call it. and never will be. Unless there will be a true revolution that will dismantle and abolish the statist system all together.

Open society only exits in anarchy, in which no one is the ruler or the decider, and no one has power or authority to force others to conform to their own will. And in anarchy you don’t need anyone permission to setup your own platform.

Thus the giant enemy of the open society is not those private companies, but the nation-state and its government system of power that impose every type of restriction on every thing people do in favor of those big companies or corporations, to be precise in this context.

The Open Society and Its Giant Enemies

Gilad Atzmon • August 8, 2020

A few days ago I received this warning message from Twitter:

“Hi Gilad Atzmon,

Your account, @GiladAtzmon has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules. I was accused by this anti social network of “violating” their “rules against hateful conduct.”

The message took me by surprise as hatred is foreign to me. In fact, I dedicate a considerable amount of my energy to exposing the racism, racial supremacy and biological determinism that are found in many identitarian discourses.

Twitter wrote to me “You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

Here is my 5 year old tweet that prompted action by twitter:


_What can Jews do about #Antisemitism? Simple– look in the mirror– introspect. #Palestine #Zionism #Israel #BDS

It seems that Twitter considers it ‘hateful’ to ask people to “look in the mirror”, to “introspect,” to consider the ‘remote’ possibility that maybe some of the Jewish State’s policies and practices may reflect badly on the Jews as a whole. I would like Twitter to explain to us how calling on people to “introspect” “promotes violence” or “threaten[s] or harass[es] people on the basis of race?”

Twitter must have known that I didn’t commit any ‘hateful speech’ and offered me the chance to erase my 5 year old tweet that no one except my devoted Zionist stalkers would notice and who managed to pinpoint four other ‘hateful’ statements by me.

Apparently sarcasm isn’t well received by Twitter’s moderators. They demanded that I also delete this 4 year old tweet:


I suggest instead of referring to the Swastika we just call it ‘Star of Adolf,’ it sounds friendly and it puts David’s in context…”

I accept that some Jews are upset by my dark cynicism, but considering the disastrous crimes that are committed by the country that decorates its tanks and airplanes with Stars of David, this is another call for Jews to introspect, to look in the mirror, to self-reflect. It by no means “promotes violence”, “threatens”, or “harasses” anyone. If anything it replicates the early Zionist insight which I agree with, that before anything else, Jews must first find their way to become ‘people like all other people.’

Twitter also asked me to remove this exchange with an ardent Zionist:


@Saul_Freeman because the real holocaust is what you People do to Palestinians.”

I understand that I violated a tenet of the holocaust religion that no one is allowed to apply the H-word to any other people’s suffering. Certainly, no one is allowed to point at the slow genocide of the Palestinians.

I don’t intend to bore you with each statement Twitter finds hateful. It doesn’t take much to figure out that Twitter was subjected to a Zionist blitz aimed at silencing me. To some extent it was reassuring that my detractors couldn’t find a single remotely hateful statement in my entire Twitter oeuvre. And it was amusing to see how upset this caricature Zionist was to find out that my Twitter account was still active.

Hi @twitter @TwitterSupport @jack if you agree that @GiladAtzmon’s twitter violates your rules on hateful conduct (months after I reported him to you) could you please explain why his account is still active on your platform? Why are you not removing his account? pic.twitter.com/BDeZKDd0MG

— Gary Spedding (@GarySpedding) August 6, 2020

What is clear to a growing number of people, perhaps most Westerners, is that Twitter, like FB and Google are not what they initially promised to be. It took little time for these internet platforms to morph into authoritarian and draconian thought police. If there was an initial promise to emancipate us through the internet, it is gone, the internet giants have become the most rigid oppressive and totalitarian forces leading us into the next dark age.

The chutzpah, and I indeed deliberately use the Yiddish word in this context, exceeds former totalitarian oppressive measures. This time it is not our rulers, tyrants or monarchs who make us fearful of our own thoughts. It is not political parties who make us walk on our tiptoes. In 2020 Internet companies even suspend the activity of democratically elected leaders if they don’t fit with the Zuckerberg agenda or Twitter’s ‘progressive’ goals. In 2020 Zuckerberg and a few of Google’s directors decide what scientists are allowed to say about Covid 19. In August 2020 the internet giants claimed to know what eradicated Beirut before even the Pentagon or the Lebanese produced an explanation.

Once again I find myself reiterating that the Tyranny of Correctness is at the very heart of the Jerusalemite ethos. While Athens introduces us to philosophy, science, logos, beauty – Jerusalem, is considered the city of revelation, is all about obedience. In Jerusalem, we follow mitzvoth and commandments. In Jerusalem, ethics (the making of moral judgments) is replaced by rules that dictate an image of morality. Jerusalem decrees what we can say, Athens teaches us how to think for ourselves.

The USA was born as an Athenian realm. It was the Land of the Free, not because it has ever been free, but because it was inspired by the notion of freedom. Not much is left out of this aspiration. America, like Britain, France and other Western countries is now a Jerusalemite colony, its regime of correctness is defined by foreign sensitivities.

For the West to stop its rapid decline, it must – and right now, before it is too late, to reinstate its fidelity to the Athenian creed. If the West wants to survive, it must ensure that it isn’t a Zuckerberg, in whatever form, who defines the boundaries of the Covid-19 debate. It should not be Youtube that decides which doctors and scientists are kosher enough to deserve airtime.

For us to have a prospect of hope, Jerusalem must be reduced into its natural magnitude. The Zionists who are upset by such thoughts should bear in mind that Zionism succeeded in achieving its early objectives because its Zionist founders rejected Jerusalem. Their aim was to make Zion into an Athenian province. Their mission ultimately failed, but not before it inspired some Jews to believe in the possibility of a metamorphosis.