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Brainwashing about Covid-19 continues at full steam

We have often said or heard that the old, manipulative media are dying and that is why the filth working in them is getting desperate and increasing the amount of lies that they are spreading. This may very well be true but it is also true that they are still alive and turning millions of people into brainwashed mental cripples.

Thankfully, while most of the Western European and North American youth have been persuaded to hide in the basement, their Czech and Slovak counterparts participated at this traditional bucket party on the Zrće beach, Pag Island, Croatia. A bucket party is a party where everyone drinks alcohol from the same 20-liter bucket; the Czech-and-Slovak slang is “párty kýbl” (the correct Czech word for a “kýbl”, a cool parasitic Germanism, is a “vědro” or a “kbelík”, however). Bucket parties have existed for years before Covid-19 (see videos from previous years) but something was “even more sexy” about drinking from the same bucket in July 2019.

Obviously, not everyone has attended such a party. I’ve never done anything truly similar, as you know. But someone does and – even though such people may be attacked by the Coronazis – they represent the health of the nation (or two nations, we and Slovaks have cleverly doubled the number of our nations LOL). And while two dozens of the participants have indeed returned Covid-positive from Croatia, there’s nothing too virally dangerous about these activities. Out of 389 Czech deaths with Covid so far, there was only 1 death (woman 25-34) below the age of 35. In the 35-44 window, there were 0 women and 4 men. In 45-54, 2 women and 3 men. Most of these 10 fatalities with Covid below 55 years of age had some serious pre-existing disease. Young (which I just defined as “below 55”) people are simply not dying of this disease to the extent that would deserve any attention let alone restrictions.

But I am repeatedly amazed how many people buy the lies promoted by the scum from the fraudulent left-wing media because it takes about 1 minute to find out the truth – and the fact that the leftists are lying all the time – and everyone has had half a year to look for these basic facts (and indeed, a big fraction of these 6 months have been dedicated to Covid-19). But tens of millions of people have utterly failed in the basic tasks that are needed to manipulate with the information.

Sadly, this includes employees at CDC (U.S. public health bureau). Czechia was placed to level 3 warning, “avoid non-essential travel”, and it’s being said that the “risk in Czechia is high” and “resources may be limited when needed”. What a bunch of incredible deep-state lies (incidentally, Mike Pompeo will come to my hometown of Pilsen on Tuesday, some “delayed” celebrations of the liberation by the U.S. army). The Covid-19 risk in Czechia is zero for all practical as well as almost all impractical purposes. We get 0-2 deaths per day, below the peak of 15 per day in April (note that ~300 Czechs die every day without Covid). 111 people are hospitalized, at 1/4 of the peak around 450 in early April, and 17 are in serious condition, below 1/6 of the peak around 110 in early April (and just 1-2 percent of the ICU beds available in Czechia have Covid, and only 1/2 of those are there “really because” of Covid!). Some of these hospitalizations are rather long-term persistent ones and the number of recently added serious cases etc. would paint an even clearer picture showing that a Covid-19 problem is non-existent in Czechia.

Also, Czechia has excess amounts of all the drugs that are used anywhere in the world. We got special deals from all the producers. Almost none of the drugs are needed because we just don’t have almost anybody who needs them. Some 5 or fewer people were appropriate for Remdesivir so far, for example. The Czech hospitals may use hundreds of packages etc. The person responsible for the recommendation deserves to be hanged by the balls. Czechia is getting ~300 new “cases” (positive tests) per day in some of the days which is just like during the April peak but it means nothing because it’s just an artifact of our new “Smart Quarantine” methodology to do the testing. People around the recently positively tested ones (who have a much higher chance to be positive as well, relatively to random Czech citizens) are being tested much more carefully. In this sense, the system is looking for last traces of the virus. So the percentage of the people who are positive and PCR-caught to be positive may have increased from 3-20 percent in April to 30-80 percent now, possibly by an order of magnitude.

OK, so I probably explained that Czechia doesn’t have any Covid-19 problem and I got this response:

Wow. I was more or less just trying to give some good vibes towards your country my friend. You guys are both on top of this… and not being hamstrung (so far) by the rest of the union you are a part of.

The EU has no TX, CA, or FL to worry about.

It was probably written to calm me down but it drove me up the wall again, especially the last sentence. Why is it relevant whether the European Union has its Texas, California, and Florida? What does it even mean? There are lots of problems concentrated into this seemingly simple and innocent sentence:

1) I should fight for the EU

I am sorry but as you must have failed to notice, I am against the EU in its current (and not only the current) form as well as its current composition. The EU is just a neo-Marxist project that is trying to devour and maximally enslave as big a part of the rich Europe (or rich European nations) as possible. If someone invented an infection that would selectively – but in a legally impeccable way – end the lives of the people imposing this terrible experiment on my continent, I would celebrate the inventor. Could someone miss this elementary point? Also, I don’t care about the countries that are currently included in the EU. I have almost certainly a greater attachment to the average Briton than the average German (the percentage of truly reasonable people is higher in Britain – but yes, the extreme left-wing loons might be even worse in the U.K. than in Germany) so I just won’t artificially focus on the members of the EU and subtract the U.K. or Norway or Switzerland (or Serbia, for that matter – which I consider closer to my heart than any non-Slavic EU member, sorry if you’re surprised). I see absolutely no reason to subtract the U.K. from my radar just because it (sensibly) left the EU.

2) TX, CA, FL are simply not states to “worry about”

Just look at the damn map of “deaths per 100,000 inhabitants” which is the only thing that ultimately matters. You may see that California, Texas, and Florida are near average. They’ve had 26, 32, 40 deaths with Covid-19 per 100,000 people. New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island had 177, 165, 128, 123, 95 – those numbers are greater by a factor of 2.5-7.0 than the three Sunbelt states. See tables for U.S. states.

The idea that these three Sunbelt states will have gone through a much bigger harm done by the virus is a self-evidently politically motivated lie directed mainly against the GOP governors of Texas and Florida and their relatively non-fascist method to approach the infection. In this case, the Democratic-led California is often included in this package of lie because it would look strange to omit a similar large Sunbelt state with a similar number of “cases” etc.; and because these left-wing scumbags want an even deeper level of control over the stupid sheep known as the citizens of California.

Incidentally, the by far most deadly Czech district Cheb (the Westernmost one) has 38 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, wildly ahead of Domažlice at the silver place with 12, and Cheb’s score (35 dead) may be almost completely explained by the virus’ getting into hospitals etc. The number of cases etc. is irrelevant even for this reason; the mining Karviná district has three times as many cases per population (than Cheb) and 7 times lower deaths per population!

3) It is complete nonsense that Europe didn’t have countries/states like the Sunbelt

I mentioned that California, Texas, Florida are clearly much less affected by the virus than New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island were. But what I said about New York et al. may be said about the Western European countries, too. The Covid situations, timing, and “intensive numbers” have really been similar in all these places! So Belgium, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France have recorded 85, 69, 61, 58, 57, 46 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. All these numbers are above the current numbers from the three Sunbelt states – while they are slightly smaller than the top 5 Covid-deadly states in the U.S. (starting with New Jersey).

Just like New Jersey etc., Belgium, the U.K., and others in Western Europe are seeing “a very small” impact of Covid-19 in recent days or weeks simply because they have achieved the herd immunity. The drop in Sweden (see “avlidna per dag” or “deaths per day” in the bottom right corner) is just the most organic and beautiful graph among all. That’s a country that did it right, it may feel safe that the Covid-19 worries have ended, Anders Tegnell deserves the Nobel prize for medicine, and Sweden saw the lowest economic harm (the events still subtracted over 8% from the GDP in Q2 of 2020 on the year-on-year comparison: but it’s so much milder than the PIGS countries that had up to 18% decrease of the GDP year-on-year).

The Sunbelt states are getting substantial number of “cases” and deaths simply because the virus is already everywhere – and it is totally silly to try to hide from the virus now. But just like everyone else, the near-peak conditions can’t last for more than 4-6 weeks and indeed, the Sunbelt states are dropping, too. Arizona, Southeast Texas, Florida saw Covid-related hospitalizations drop by 30-50 percent from the peak. The virus has clearly run out of steam there, too. It wasn’t because of restrictions, it was because the number of people who may show symptoms of Covid-19 is limited by 100% and probably 60%. And the people have been depleted. It’s this simple. Any hiding of the generic people from the virus has always been utterly pointless. How pathologically stupid do you have to be not to understand this elementary point even 6 months after Covid-19 was turned into the “topic number one” on every day of every news outlet? In weeks, the “problem” will clearly be as “over” in the Sunbelt (and in Latin America) as it is in New York or Europe. It’s just stupid to try to fight against this fact or deny it from one direction or another. You want to selectively shield those who are vulnerable but it’s completely irrational and futile to try to shield the whole population.

The degree of brainwashing and stupidity – especially in the English-speaking countries – just trumps my wildest imagination. Even the most obvious things remain almost totally incomprehensible even half a year after everyone started to look (or pretend to look) at the “problem” for hours every day. The bucket party isn’t my cup of tea (there’s alcohol, not tea, in the bucket, anyway) but I would hugely prefer a society that eliminates everyone who fails to participate at a bucket party over the society that the far left-wing, lying, cowardly, opportunist, self-serving, hypocritical, character-less scumbags are building in the West, especially in the English-speaking countries.