Yes, it is true that these evil psychopaths have hijacked medicine and made it poison in such large scale global wide. But how could such a gigantic evil scheme successfully be carried out against the whole trillions of people including not only millions of intellectuals but also millions intelligent medical professionals by just a mere couple of individuals, despite the fact that it has been exposed from time to time by rare brave and principled persons such as this video?

There must be something very wrong with trillions of people, especially those are supposed to be intelligent and professional.

I personally stopped blaming those individuals such as Carnegie and Rockefeller or even Bill Gates for this matter. Because I know for a fact that WITHOUT the power of government that people believe and fear, no evil individual can implement such harmful thing on trillions of people.

The real problem is that virtually no effort has been made to expose the flawed system of government, the evil statist power of government that actually forcefully carries out not only this particular evil scheme for Carnegie and Rockefeller, but many others, directly upon people.

Hitler’s gone. Stalin’s gone. Carnegie and Rockefeller etc …all gone. But the flawed system of government is still here and keeps carrying out whatever evil scheme after evil scheme upon people for any evil individual that understands how to use this destructive flawed government system. It’s now Bill Gates and his ilk turn, that’s all. And there will be other evil individuals in the future.

No one, even God if exists, can stop these evil individuals such as Carnegie and Rockefeller and now Bill Gates et all … being born into this world and hatch their favorite evil schemes. But we can stop them from harming trillions of people by doing away the flawed system of power that directly implements their evil will on people.