The Harm Caused by Order Followers

Order followers, whether they’re law enforcement or military, have an enormous support system to lean on, despite the claims they don’t. People see the uniform of active service personnel and chime “thank you for your service” as an almost programmed reaction, without even thinking what that “service” has entailed. Order followers are the jailers, trigger pullers, or enforcers of martial law… those not on the front lines support those that are.   

In America, law enforcement is the domestic force charged with keeping Americans in line; enforcing the will of the State on the people. The American military serves the same function only primarily on people in foreign nation states; imposing the will of the globalist corporate ruling class on nation states that don’t conform.  

Order followers do the bidding of the chain of command without question. Their training is designed to remove the individual and replace it with a compliant pet, willing and eager to do whatever the chain of command wants them to. Order followers are not followers of conscience, nor do they care what harm they cause, as long as it’s consistent with their orders. As long as they achieve the mission directives and accomplish what they were ordered to do, it is sanctioned and permissible in their minds; rationalization of the insane.  

The people have been programmed for so long to view the existing paradigm as normal. They fail to see the danger in their midst in the form of deputies, officers, lawyers, judges, politicians, and other government officials, following the orders of people who have publicly declared their intent to kill more than 90% of the world’s population.  

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Order followers impose the will of psychopaths who think they know better how to manage humanity; yet many of us bestow honor on their actions, overlook the harm they do, and find ways to help them feel better about themselves and make their job easier… why? Would you reward a school-yard bully that abuses the people around him? Would you appreciate someone barging into your home and holding your family at gun-point so they can look for contraband some informer told them you had? Do you have warm-fuzzies when you see a cop turn on their lights in your rear-view mirror?  

We have turned our neighborhoods into gulags in an effort to make law enforcement’s job easier. Our rights are viewed as obstacles by cop shows and smiling cops visiting our schools, teaching non-resistance and compliance to the law… not natural law but laws emanating from the legislature that is attacking, not securing our rights. Most people today could not define what rights are if you asked them today; ignorance is the friend of tyrants.  

Until we make the job of order followers impossible to perform, hazardous beyond comprehension, and undesirable, even by the most psychopathic sadists among us, we will continue to be abused and controlled by them. They are the go to guys for the psychopaths creating chaos in this world and actually perform the harm on the people; the foot-soldiers we would be killing if they changed uniforms, because of the harm they cause. We need to comprehend that we’re at war and the enemy is within, obeying the orders of the psychopaths signing their paychecks, disregarding the harm they cause… their pension or promotion is much more important. 

We need to start seeing the victims of order followers; understanding they have fathers, mothers, children, and a life. When an individual is shot and killed, they’re treated as a statistic, not a man or woman. The media spins the story to make the cops look good and imply that the deceased must have done something wrong.   

Conversely, when a cop is shot and killed, the media humanizes and reports the size of his family, especially if he has small children, praising his service to the community and expressing their sympathy to those he left behind. Shouldn’t everyone be shown the respect they deserve and praise where praise is due, contempt where contempt is due?  

What if the career of the cop was reported by the number of families that had less to eat due to the $300 ticket he issued X 1,000, generating revenue to the State at the expense of the property of the people. Or the loss of income to a family after he arrested the father for smoking a weed so the judiciary and prison system could profit on his misery.  

When you actually sit down and contemplate the harm that just one order follower causes during a day, it will anger you beyond anything that did before and there are thousands of them throughout our communities and patrolling our highways like highwaymen robbing travelers.   

Law enforcement doesn’t protect anyone, unless they’re on the scene of a violent act at the time it is initiated, which is extremely rare, they primarily investigate crimes after they happen. Law enforcement is there to enforce the will of the corporation that hired them… to initiate violence on people who refuse to abide by the will of the State. Does that sound like you’re living in a free country under a government that’s sole purpose is to secure your rights?  

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, . . .” — Declaration of Independence, 1776.  

You need to re-examine what you were taught was normal with a critical eye; understanding that a State that initiates violence against the people to impose its will on them is tyrannical. We live under conditions many times worse than those the founding generation fought a war over; the understanding of tyrants regarding the human brain has enabled them to replace physical chains for mental ones.  

We are at war with a corporate oligarchy that has gained control over virtually all the levers of power, except one… our arms. We still have the means of throwing off their control over us but need to have the will to do so and the willingness to endure the hardships. The more of us that wake up and stop complying with the will of the State, the fewer lives will be lost as a consequence.  

The State will attempt to force us back into servitude and regain their power over us, that is where our arms and defensive force comes into play. If we make the cost high enough, the order followers will stand down out of self-interest… even compliant human drones can see when the cost is too high. 

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