PQC: They are really thugs and scumbags! Look at the way they treated this beautiful senior citizen! They tried to intimidate him and push him! Disgusting! I put my hat off to this old man.

By the way, I had been there but too earlier-around 10.30 11.00 AM) then I had been booked and sent away before this old man’s group arrived later around. 1 or 2 pm, I think. So I missed him, his group, and the whole thing! What a waste! It was my fault, I should have checked the time.

Anyway, later I heard that there were only two or three more protesters adding to this old man’s group. You can picture out by watching this old man footage! He is so wonderful! I admire him.

It was really a good day to walk around Melbourne. These thugs and scumbags ruined everything!