Flan O’Brien
vaccine ~ noun very rare

  1. immunogen consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells injected in order to stimulate the production of antibodies.

  2. The stimulation of antibodies as a means of “protection” has NEVER been demonstrated scientifically using control experiments. All so called pathogenic diseases had reduced precipitously due to better hygiene and nutrition BEFORE vaccination programs were introduced.
    However, we do know the Amish who do not vaccinate have dramatically better health.

  3. See Vaccination the Hidden Truth – a 3 hour slog through peer reviewed medical literature! that proves that this is a medical industry scam.
    Thus please use the correct term – “pesticide”

There are currently 160 Dr Strangelove programs to produce a pesticide based on vast amount of funny money given to pharma by government.
This pesticide will alter human DNA permanently and produce a human-monkey chimera. “Monkey Business. … about the current vaccine trials.”

Click to access monkeybus.pdf

Tribe leaders must be laughing their socks off – they get to play God on the Goyim AND turn them into monkeys! Really, one must appreciate how they operate on the feckless Goy.