PQC: Because these Lebanese dared NOT TO WEAR MASKS, DARE TO HAVE WEDDINGS and PARTYING without SOCIAL STUPID DISTANCING! That’s why these beautiful happy people must be “punished” by who you know: the hateful jealous evil Yanks and Jews. Unfortunately, those Muslim so-called leaders are too coward and incompetent to expose the real culprits.

Look at these beautiful people! They were gathering happily and enjoying one another companion being free of muzzle and social stupid distancing! While the people of whole so-called Western “free world” are crawling inside their own home with muzzle cover their faces! That’s why!

This is strictly my own theory anyway!

By The Way, My friends around the world,

I am pondering about setting up a ZOOM account so that we can meet and discuss about everything.

Particularly in this dreadful situation, where everyone has been under “house arrest”, we need to help one another to overcome social isolation and depression.

If you think this is a good idea, then we all will proceed. Anyone can join in with or without webcam. It’s all up to each individual’s choice.