PQC: I want to support and join this FREEDOM MARCH even though I know I myself and my Blog have been under thugs’ surveillance. However, I still have some reservations about the organizers’ agenda. If this is truly about FREEDOM against tyranny, then why did they try to “identify” and link this protest with Oz nationalism and the stupid red flag? Why did they try to invoke anti-Chinese in their rhetoric (Max Igan seemed falling for this “Chinese invasion” thing? “Why WEARING MASKS IF YOU ARE THERE TO AGAINST WEARING MASKS???” Do they really want every “Australian” to join this FREEDOM MARCH at all? Anyway, let’s wait and see what will turn out tomorrow, on Sunday 9, Aug, 2020.

Watch this “speech” and judge it for yourself, folks.


By the way, today I went to Richmond and biked around. I saw thugs were patrolling some train stations searching for “non-compliant”. People looked tired and scared.

As I said, this tiny Blog will be gone very soon. Though I still have quite a few issues to share with you. I have been trying my best, folks!

Hundreds of anti-maskers vow to protest in Melbourne at an illegal rally on Sunday – as two ‘organisers’ are arrested with police seizing their phones and a computer

Victoria Police have been threatening any attendees with $1,652 fines.

The planned protest has had 100 confirm their attendance with 400 in total expressing interest

The protesters expected for Sunday's march are against mask, vaccinations and business shutdowns (pictured police at Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on July 31)

Police will be out in force for the planned protest (officers seen at the rally last Friday in Melbourne)