Flan O’BrienAug 2, 2020

Flan O’Brien

Aug 2, 2020
If this video is the Max Igan video then let me say Max caused me to revise my assessment about trying to wake people up, as PQC valiantly does on this site.
Max had 3 themes.

  1. the worldwide censorship of the “covid” cure announced by American Frontline Doctors and tweeted about by Trump.
    Yes, even under the fantasy scenario presented to us of a dangerous “covid”, THERE IS A CURE, so all can return to normal. ……. NOT ….. because this info is violently censored.
  2. The new legislation coming up in Australia that is worse than Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined. The rabidly evil puppets in governments worldwide have, according to Max, 5 years of World Bank/IMF funny money for “covid” – that is how long the planning is for the destruction of humanity.
  3. Max advice was to forget trying to wake up the the zombies – nothing can save them. Food shortages are coming up.

I agree with Max, this is going to become very mean and evil. Once that legislation passes in Aus, PQC had better watch his back, and preferably remove it to a safe place.

I know PQC thinks that at his age he feels obliged to perform the waking. I disagree – better to educate his grand children with his wisdom, somewhere safe.

Time to retreat is Max message, especially in Aus./.


Thank you for your concern my friend! The thug chopper already hovered around over my roof several times. I know no intimidation!

Anyway, I did NOT disagree with you and Max at all on this particular issue. I have seen it all my life. No body can help the people except themselves. The Britons and the Germans have been trying hard to help to free themselves. In this arse end and the land of Kiwis, most of them have been brainwashed by statist socialism and hypnotized by the Jews. This is what they wished for!

But somehow I still try to “cling” to and “linger” on to the rebellious virtue of the West that I admired during the 60-70s with the anti-war movement and Woodstock rebellious spirits , that conspicuously distinguishes East and West, at least in my own humble opinion.

On this Saturday, while biking around Melbourne and Richmond, I felt I came back to my ex shithole Vietnam after 1975, where thugs in muzzles forcefully patrolling around with intimidating posture, while people were scared, looked tired and withdrawn to themselves.

I call this the Covid operation, among other things, the Asianization of the West!

(Asianess= statist conformity, obedience, low-ebb racism)