In Victoria, the second populous state of this arse end of the world, the shithead toad Daniel Andrews has decreed a medical martial law. A curfew from 8pm -6am has been imposed on Victorians. Worst, government thugs (health authority official, soldier, police) now can forcefully enter people’s house without warrants. I am not surprised at all since it was I who guessedicted this move months ago. In fact anyone that understand statist system and the whole plan of Covid plandemic would never be surprised. They chose Victoria to test the obedience of this part of the land, and they will impose this medical martial law all over Australia.

I don’t even feel disgusted with this criminality of governments, since it’s their nature. But I do feel disgusted with and despise those who called themselves “intellectuals.” Where the hell are all the legal, medical experts now?

They knew that the whole thing is a hoax, a fraud. No country has ever provided any medically scientific evidence that the viruses that cause the so-called Covid19 exists! And that all the so-called anti-covid measures are contradictory to medical science itself! And they all have kept their mouths shut! What the “intellectuals” they are!

It’s not about public health. It’s all about the plan to establish total control over the population with total submission.

I want to repeat again and again that this is a war on humanity that has been waged by statist system of government. Don’t be distracted by all the fusses about Bill Gates this and that..It’s your own government and its thugs that violate you, your rights, your dignity as a human being with brutal force.. no one else! Don’t ever deny this fact!