Folks, It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Melbourne, I was riding around Melbourne and I heard this “news.” As soon as I got home I read and posted these good news for all of us!

In the mean time those dickhead BLM keep wasting time and energy on stupid things!

As always the last work is yours, folks!

BTW, Bitchute has been “monitoring” my account ever since I posted my first video there! This video is only 3 minutes, but they kept rejecting my upload! I am not sure I will be able to post more videos in future. I have no doubt that THEY all work for government’s thugs and dogs. Peer-to-peer free -speech my ass!

You can watch the Videos on RT News HERE


‘Masks are muzzles’: Protesters rally outside BBC HQ & march to Downing Street after UK govt widens mask-wearing orders

This Video is working now!

Activists took to the streets of London a day after the UK cabinet expanded its guidelines for mandatory face coverings. The demonstration comes amid growing skepticism worldwide over the efficacy of such policies.

A large group of demonstrators assembled in Hyde Park on Saturday, where they listened to speeches denouncing the government’s anti-coronavirus measures. Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was among the speakers. 

Carrying placards reading “Stop the new normal, save lives,”“Freedom over fear,” and “Masks are muzzles,” the protesters then marched towards Downing Street, stopping outside BBC headquarters along the way.