The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism

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Reads like a dreadful sociology student essay: too long, convoluted, without coming to a point.

The points are these:

1. Racism is a pure stupid evil. The phrase “white nationalism” is idiotic.

2. Cultural discrimination is natural, beautifies the world and is necessary.

3.Publishing cultural group statistics is useful for everybody (crime, education …)

4. People are comfortable within the culture they were raised in.

5. Mass immigration destroys indigenous culture, it is a tool used to create chaos and control the masses.

6. As monkey based creatures, it does seem that cultural segregation is a natural basis for peace.

Reversing chaos cause by the mass transfer of opposing cultures by oligarchs can only be achieved by land transfer and creation of regions.

Preventing this deliberate chaos from happening again can only be achieved through anarchism.

Only In Asia

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The Korean example is probably genuine.

The Malaysian example is probably not. The “conviction” came a few days after Goldman Sachs agreed to pay 3.9 billion USD to Malaysia as their fine for involvement in defrauding of the Malaysian people. Punishing the perpetrator Najib was no doubt a condition Goldman Sachs demanded to release the money. IMO without that money incentive there would be no conviction of Najib.

East Asia has the highest IQ in the world. Korea=106 (maximum)

Malaysia is riven with constitutional racism and religious tribalism. The puppets (politicians) there have a completely free hand to rape, steal and murder. Yes murder. Look up “Murder of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa” for a murder relating to “Baby face” Najib and a previous crime spree.

The best source for news of most corrupt and highest travesty Malaysia is