Phi Quyền Chính

Phi Quyền Chính

Spot on! You got it mate! You see he, like many “intellectuals”, KNEW, but always stops short at exposing the government criminal acts. Even “anarchists” such as James Corbett et all…. they just dared to focus on exposing Bill Gates, Rockefeller bla bla bla bla.. Everyone has tried to avoid mentioning government crucial role in this evil plan much less exposing the natural dangerous and destructive flaw of the Statist -Government system. All seem to either afraid or protect government from this crisis! All of them seem to try to get government off the hook!

People have been misled and distracted from the real problem not only by those criminals, but also by these so called “intellectuals” fake “anarchists”. That’s how and why people have wasted their energy and their lives to protest everything unimportant things instead of demanding at least to defund and de-power the government if not abolish it all together!

Flan O’Brien

Flan O’Brien Exosomes Or Viruses: Dr Andrew Kaufman Explains

“This vaguely identified health problem is causing the governments of many countries to shut down almost every infrastructure that is playing a major role in the economy”


Bribery of corrupt puppets (politicians) in governments of all countries by IMF and World Bank banksters is to blame. Corrupt puppets now have access to billions. The people will pay back over 50 years or sell their resources and infrastructure to foreign corporations.

In return the corrupt puppets will commit treason through lockdown – murdering hundreds of thousands of their compatriots (stress, and lack of access to health services) and killing the economy.

The puppets also have agreed to allow foreign pharma corporations to inject their frightened populations, causing more debt and death.

About the biology, adding more detail (astounding) from a world leading mainstream research leader (I think PQC already posted a link to the video):

In the past 5 years there has been a Copernican revolution in biology.

It is mainstream: National Institute of Health:

“The mammalian virome in genetic analysis of health and disease pathogenesis”

The presentation is quite scientific but you may appreciate an erudite man explaining his lifetimes work.


– Each human carries through out all tissues of his body ~ 38 trillion bacteria, fungi,archaea, virises-exosomes.

– These entities have evolved with us for 20 million years.

– They are in symbiosis or are harmless, a few parasitic.

– They are CRUCIAL to the immune system. endocrine system and homeostasis (metabolic balance)

– They represent 99% of the genetic information which keeps us alive, our own genome represents only 1%.

So the Plandemic has caused 99% of the global population to be afraid of their own shadow … to be afraid of 1 harmless visitor (1) in 38 trillion.