Folks, this morning I went to visit High Point Shopping Center which it’s only 5 minute walk from where I used to live. While biking through Footscary Park from the station, I saw quite a few people still defiantly refusing wearing muzzles. Despite that almost everywhere there are signs such as “no mask, no entry” That’s something we can build on. Let’s hope so.

Anyway, IF you have nothing to do, have a quick browsing my clip, which is only 6 minute long, (heavily edited to fit Bitchute requirements) to see the impact of such criminal plandemic. Thank you for watching…

I will take some days off screen to do some personal things and to reflect on this new evil world order. When I come back, I will share with you my thoughts and pay my debt to you!

Take care folks! I strongly urge you to watch Dr Andrew Kaufman videos, listen carefully NOT ONLY to what he presented his medical knowledge, but also his comments or the lack thereof on government criminal acts on this plandemic. And last but not least, remember there is no way to learn without reading! Read, read, and read whenever you have time, folks. Even just 10, 30 minutes will do.