PQC: Folks, I am not sure if this is a staged scene for psyops purpose or a real stupid woman doing a dangerous stupid thing.

Do you think a woman would attack a big man like that? Anyway, If It were me, I would definitely pin this imbecile down to DEFEND myself and protect my family, and to teach this dangerous bitch a real lesson about “violence”.

As always, your call folks!

There’s mask-shaming and then there’s full on assault. A California couple having lunch with their puppy at a dog park experienced the second, when an irate woman pepper-sprayed them for refusing to mask up… while eating.
Ash O’Brien and husband Jarett Kelley say they were grabbing a bite to eat at Dusty Rhodes dog park in San Diego on Thursday, with their three-month-old pug in tow. The pair had their masks off to eat, when a “random old lady” approached, calling them “idiots” for not masking up, even though “you can’t wear a mask and eat at the same time.”

O’Brien told the woman to leave the park and stop harassing her, at which point the woman unleashed a can of mace at the couple. Video footage captured by a bystander begins with Kelley wrestling the spray can from the woman, and getting a dose of mace into the face for his troubles. O’Brien can be heard crying in the background as the attacker walks away with her dogs.