Folks, the thuggish closing of Chinese Consular in Texas is just another thuggish behavior of this so-called supper power. The Yanks and the Jews have kept behaving like this because no body ever stand up to them! Except Hezbollah!

Look at how the Russians have repeatedly swallow any kind of humiliation the Yanks and the Jews have done to them. The Chinese too. I said it many times, especially since their HuaWei personnel was kidnapped by Western thugs!

I don’t need to wait for these thing happened to know that the Yanks are thugs. Anyone of you who were born after the Vietnam War can go back to any war archives and see how the Yanks both government and their soldiers behaved during the War. They are not civilized as they bragged they are!

Which nation has been going around the world rapping and murdering people, grabbing people resources? Which nation is the land of Christians and the home of thugs?

I leave these questions open to you folks!