My grand nephews and grand niece love to play games in which they can kill Zombies at will. It’s ugly scene to watch. But I am not their parents. However, thanks to such ugly scenes I now can understand why the kids love zombie games. Zombies are lifeless and just moving aimlessly to get abused easily by the gamers

This afternoon, the weather was beautiful, sunny and no wind, I took my bike and walked it around Melbourne. I did not mount and ride, for I wanted to observe slowly the new world order of zombies. Almost everyone, whites, blacks, yellows, browns…. wore muzzle. Sometime they put it down to smoke, eat, and chat! I just wonder if they knew the muzzle wearing actually harms them!

Of course except this yours truly and some people here and there. These people who did not wear muzzles, did not give a shit about being fined AUD200.

This mandatory mask wearing order is unlawful and criminal at every ground, which can easily be challenged on both grounds of violation of constitutional law and medical harmfulness (health hazard) . Where the hell have all the law professors, lawyers, medical experts, and intellectuals been, when Joes and Janes need them the most at this criminal evil scam of government?

If they book me for not wearing muzzle, I certainly will not pay the fine and will go all the way to High court. If lawyers are too coward to take my case, I will represent myself! There are plenty of official scientific research and studies on the health harmfulness of mask wearing, especially to healthy individuals like me!

At nay rate, thanks to this “Covid”, I have seen clearly NOT ONLY how pathetic and stupid people really are, but HOW COWARDLY and untrustworthy those doctors and intellectuals are! The whole bunch of them!

Anyway, there was a model photos shooting next to where I sat and having my lunch. Of course, these people were “exempted” from wearing muzzles.. I just guessed so.. because they did not wear mask, especially the models!

I did go inside some department stores to see if someone would stop me. Well, they either ignored me or did not care. So I went around without any drama at all. The shopping mall was almost empty. And this is Saturday! However at UNI QLO,, they wanted to check my “temperature” , I declined, so I moved on.

The last place I visited was Melbourne Iconic Queen Victoria Market. There was a sign at the entrance which says: “Masks or Face Coverings Must Be Worn”… Well, I just “forced” myself in anyway!

That’s all folks! I uploaded some clip at If you want to have a glance of Melbourne under lockdown, just have a quick look at them and see how Melbourne, a lively vibrant multicultural city, an Athens outside Greece , now turns into Zombie town!

Video Clip Melbourne Central

Video Clip Victoria Secret Store et All

(in this video clip you can see the reflection of myself on the glass wall, folks. I had to use this “mirror” to check if the bodycam was on the right position 🙂 🙂 :-))

Video Clip Inside Myer Melbourne

Videos Clip Queen Victoria Market