Flan O’Brien

Religion is a set of ideas legally cordoned off by religionists: those who exploit religion for money and power.
Such a situation is a monstrosity.
However, let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
nihilist ~ noun rare

  1. someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief
    Just because religion has cranky theories about morality does not mean that there is no intelligence and morality present in the universe. The leading British atheist philosopher for generations Anthony Flew admitted the intelligence part after a lifetime of denial.
    His long gestating admission was based on the existence of laws of mathematics and physics,
    About morality, I agree with Mark Passio ( an anarchist), that this is innate. Children and animals know the central moral law: DON’T STEAL
    I was bundled off to Sunday school when 5 and shocked myself at how vehemently I complained to my parents – that the parables (Good Samaritan) were ridiculously simple and obvious (innate) and I did not wish to waste my time further. I only went 2 times.
    All morality can be derived from “do not steal” – do not steal life (murder) do not steal self expression (censorship, “hate” speech) do not steal others labour (taxation) ….
    As are you PQC, Mark Passio is an excellent presenter of anarchism, but not for nihilists who go against rational observations, like Flew did almost all his life. Like Flew, Passio identifies cosmic intelligent laws ( science) and the fundamental theorem of morality – Do Not Steal.
    I invite everyone who is not a a nihilist to see Passio on “Fake Ass Christians”:

He also identifies the lynch pin of oppression as not Religion, not Government but Order Followers.

PhiQuyenChinh: My Own Take

PQC: To me, organized religion is organized crooks. Religious belief itself is just personal private matter. People are different and they do believe different things. No one can stop people believing things no matter how weird they may be to others!

Some beliefs make you do good, some make you do bad. Remember it’s just belief! Whether it’s true is “irrelevant!”

And just like every human belief it will be “modified” beyond its originality by other human beings! For example Christianity has been forked into you know what today. I just gave up counting its varieties long time ago. In the USA alone, many Christian groups do not even resemble anything of Christ and his teaching at all, even just mere “words.” Who can stop them claiming themselves “Christian?”. The same is true for any “Ism” at all: Buddhism, Communism, Capitalism, even Anarchism! What the fucking mess! heh! Some “intellectuals” even tried to paint Karl Marx as an posthumous anarchist! Well that’s free-thought and free-speech!

As for nihilism, poor word, like globalism, pedophile, it has been hijacked and modified beyond its originality. (don’t even mention “anti-Semite” and “America”) Buddhism , in essence, a supper form nihilism: everything is nothing, and nothingness is everything! In this sense I am a nihilist! If someone think otherwise, it’s their problem. Read everything with your brain please. Don’t just swallow the “definition” someone put out there , or even in a thick book called “dictionary”, Wikipedia is the worst! They are all written by people like us but with their own agendas! Try your best to go back to the original of thing as you can.

Anyway, morality is one of the most wonderful and most important inventions that mankind has ever made. When people gather in a large group to survive together in a long period of time, generation after generation, it’s natural for them to create a set of self-conducting “code” to reflect and elevate the value and meaning not only of life, but a collective life, if you will. And tried to convince others to do the same in different ways, one of which was/is “religion.”

Thus morality comes from different sources depends on personality and personal level of mental development. Some try to do good thing because they believe in some super being want them to do. Some others try to do good thing because someone tell them to do so with a promise of reward and punishment! Some people just work out it’s a principle that make people live together better with harmony, like Laotzi thousand years ago.. and now like myself a simple anarchist, and many simple anarchist Larken Rose, James Corbett etc.. If you want to know more about anarchists, have a quick look at Anarchapulco Conference to see who is who there. I promise you that you will find no dickhead Mikhail Bakunin, Karl Max or BLM, AntoFa like there!

Again I still owe you folks a 2cents of my own “anarchism”. However a little spoiler won’t hurt. Anarchism is NOT a political ideology. Like Taoism, and Buddhism, Anarchism is a way of life with a very simple principle: No master, no authority. Liberty to all. Respect such principle in thou as well as in thy fellow human beings. And that where (simple) Anarchists draw their morality from!

Last but not least! When you hear and see with your naked eyes that China, Vietnam, still claim themselves “communist” and “democratic” (I don’t now how many billionaires and millionaires as well as how may homeless people they have now!).. and that the Jew-Ish-A, and the whole Western world still claim themselves a “free world” with respect for freedoms. world Peace and “human-rights”… you know that there is something serious wrong with our modern “languages”, our communication and education system. Of course if you still have a functioning brain I suppose. Otherwise, please forget all things I have written!