by Flan O’Brien

What I am about to say will certainly cause strong cognitive dissonance. We have all been programmed since birth with the “pill for every disease “, “germ theory of viruses” style of medicine.

True science is threefold: 1. corroborated observations, 2. a quantitative theory, 3. predictions. Therefore, here goes … two documents and one video.

  1. The scientific history of the “germ theory of viruses”:

Click to access Dismantling-the-Virus-Theory.pdf

In summary – scientists observed tiny packets (relative to cells) containing nuclear and organelle material. They assumed these so called ‘phages’ to be living entities that destroyed bacteria. Wrong! Phages are building blocks which bacteria make use of when reproducing.

It was then postulated that there must exist phages that are external to living entities, so called ‘viruses’ which would be pathogenic to life. Shock horror, pathogenic viruses have never been scientifically observed, according to Koch postulates of a pathogen!!

  1. “Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor”

“German biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka initially offered 100,000 euros to anyone who could provide scientific evidence that the measles virus existed. ”

The German Supreme Court upheld Lanka’s assertion that measles virus cannot be proven to exist.

  1. “COVID-19 — is it really about a virus?”

This video discusses exosomes – yes, a perfectly valid and mainstream concept … that all cells excrete tiny packets (relative to cells) containing nuclear and organelle material. Yes the same definition as above give for phages/viruses.

The speaker appears to be very lucid and knowledgeable though I haven’t tracked down the papers he references.


– Exosomes are messengers between cells
– The information within exosomes can transfer “disease-like” symptoms. The message from a poisoned cell will be an alert – to get metabolically ready for an onslaught.
— Exosomes are probably messengers between species. An example given was a wall nut tree may detect an oncoming drought and the bodies of monkeys consuming the tree’s nuts will be informed of such. A symbiosis – which is the major feature of life, not Darwinian dog-eat-dog.

Final summary: viruses have not been proven to exist. They may be exosomes that are probably mostly beneficial.

How this fits in with our virus understanding of common cold and flu is not known, but it is postulated in the video that the 100 000 chemicals and radiation that are in the environment of man could affect one person and exosomes communicate a metabolic alert to those around.

As a bit of ligt relief watch this satire:

“Coronavirus – 1970s Public Information Film”