Folks, my apology for posting those important interviews with Dr Andrew Kaufman in the same post. What I should have done is to post them separately in each post so that people would take time and focus to watch one at a time in each entirety.. For the last several days, thanks to the bad weather in Melbourne, cold, raining, and windy , I was unable to biking out as usual but stayed home to read and watch documentaries, interviews etc. especially those interviews with Dr Kaufman concerning the covid-scam and its injection called “vaccine”.

I watched and listened to these videos several times, and what surprised me the most is his personal solution and his “vision for future society”.

I strongly invite you to go back and watch these interviews again even though you may have done so. Because there are more valuable information than just the covid-hoax that will open your mind.

As always, it’s all your choice.

This is the most interesting and the most informative interviews as far as the so-called “Covid19 fact checking” is concerned. Please watch and listen to it carefully.