Have you been scared enough already? No, not enough! At least according to the government. Because they are trying to scare you even more. Last month, THEY added several more “covid symptoms” into their scaring list to psychologically force people to take their fake traping test! So, everyone presumably gets covids one way or another. Now even your unborn child! And the Covids are inside your home too! Not going out side does not mean “safe” at all.

Look at these news head lines:

Study suggests fetal coronavirus infection is possible
A small study strengthens evidence that a pregnant woman infected with the coronavirus might be able to spread it to her fetus. Researchers from Italy said Thursday that they studied 31 women with COVID-19 who delivered babies in March and April. They found signs of the virus in several samples of umbilical cord blood, the placenta and, in one case, breast milk.
WHO: Indoor airborne spread of coronavirus possible
LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization is acknowledging the possibility that COVID-19 might be spread in the air under certain conditions — after more than 200 scientists urged the agency to do so.
Violence erupts at rally in Greece against new protest law
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Violence broke out in Athens late Thursday during a mass demonstration against a new law to curb public protests, leaving six police officers injured. A group of protesters hurled gasoline bombs at riot police outside parliament, while police responded with tear gas and flash grenades.

All because some people some where are smart enough and did not fall for their scam and hoax. But they need “more numbers” to justify their dictatorship. They know that fear always get the better of people, especially sheeple (my family swallows every word from Government, that’s Asianess for you). That’s why and how in the end they always win despite their crude simple tricks and naked lies.

Serbia: More riots in protest against corona measures in Belgrade

7/9/2020, 2:03:31 PM

On the second day in a row there were riots in protests in Belgrade. Thousands protested measures to limit the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite President Aleksandar Vucic’s withdrawal, thousands of people have once again taken to the streets in the Serbian capital, Belgrade and other cities in the Balkans, against the corona protective measures. The police again used tear gas and clubs against the demonstrators, according to media reports. Mounted police were also used. The demonstrators threw stones and fireworks at the police.  

In Belgrade, strong police units cordoned off the center in the evening. The protests abated around midnight, and the crowds gradually dissolved, according to media reports. According to initial media reports, at least ten police officers were injured. Serbian television reported that camera teams were attacked by demonstrators during the protests in Novi Sad and Nis.

Government withdrawn

The protests, which have been going on for a few days, are directed against planned drastic measures to curb the renewed flare-up of the corona pandemic in Serbia. President Vucic had withdrawn the curfew planned for the weekend, but announced other measures by the government’s crisis team for Thursday. 

During the Corona State of Emergency from mid-March to early May, the government fought the spread of the pandemic with extensive curfews. The number of infections decreased significantly. But for a good two weeks now, around 300 people have been infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus every day. The capital Belgrade is particularly affected.