PQC: I will post my take on food supply and total control. But first please do your own research on this issue, which is very much related to the CovidScam. I know I still owe you folks quite a few “2cents” I promised. I have to wait to the right time to discuss about certain thing, especially “anarchism”. Since Anarhism has been discussed and debated for century with mud and clouds in stupid disinformed Left and Right paradigm, I have to wait until I see that people have had enough of all the semantic obfuscation that our “intellectuals” have been drowned themselves with, and the current riots instigated by governments themselves to blame on “anarchism” gets to its point. In short, we still have a lot of things to share.

Anyway, for now, among other things, please find time to listen to what Max Igan has to say.

1- Watch and listen” The Scamona Virus Plandemic Continues-07/04/20

2- Here is Max Igan Bitchute Channel .

If you really want to expand your view and ask question, just visit his WeSite and see what he has to say. Please, don’t just listen to him. Think for yourselves. Analyze the information, challenge it if you find holes and doubts in it. And come to your own conclusion.