PQC: My apology to Max Igan. Since I am unable to upload Video in this Blog, I had to convert this Max Igan’s rant to audio file and edited out non-information segments. However if you want to watch Max Igan original video clip, (Yeah you should). Please click down here to his own website.The Crowhouse.

Social Distancing and Lockdown is Bogus WHO Says Asymptomatic Are Not Infectious

The link below is audio only.

Max Igan (The Crowhouse) takes on the criminal act of Australian State Government of Victoria that issued the so-called second lockdown on poor working class people. Max Igan says Social Distancing and Lockdown is Bogus . Because it was WHO that declared Asymptomatic Are Not Infectious-Furthermore, there has been no concrete scientific medical proof that people really died of Covid 07/05/20