(Watch this News Segment from RT and think hard, think deeply folks)

Medics and scientists fear ‘lives are at risk’ around the world after the US scoops up the ‘entire global supply’ of an anti-viral drug for treating Covid-19. As several countries report new clusters of coronavirus, the World Health Organisation warns that some places may need to reimpose lockdowns but it doesn’t have to be as regimental as before.

Do you remember the time when face masks were in crisis of shortage? Do you remember the time when every major industrial nation with most advanced manufacturing capacity rushed to literally fight one another to grab made in China and made in Vietnam facial masks at airports? Do you remember the time when people queued to buy facial masks with high price? Was it century ago? US snatches masks from Germany in act of ‘modern piracy’ – Berlin senator.

And in Melbourne, just a week or so later, facial masks were abundant and distributed free of charge. I saw facial masks were littered alongside of the streets

Now it comes to the “vaccine.” Again major rich, advanced nations are rushing and fighting one another to buy “vaccines” injections from big pharmas.

The Jew-Ish-A Government loudly declared that it will exclusively buy “all the injections” for all Americans! How sweet and how caring this clownish government is! The Yanks must be very fortunate and proud of their government! They will rush to be proudly injected as fast as they can… otherwise they will miss it and …die of Shitvid20!

Oh my my, how crude this kind of trick has been played.. And how stupid people have fallen for it again, again, and again!

Yet, our “dissident intellectuals” again, and again are crying foul and pointing their fingers at Bill Gates, at big pharmas etc… Some even brave enough to point their fingers at the fucking Jews. But not a single one “intellectuals” dares to point out the fact that it is not the WHO, it is not Bill Gates and his Foundation and his Microsoft employees, it is not big Pharmas and their employees that have been and will be force these shit on the people and their children. It is the be-respected national government of each “beloved” nation that has been and will force this shit on their own people with guns on people head if needed. Of course, I am not talking about those sheeple who will voluntarily and proudly rush to be injected!

For those who are anti-Bill Gates, big Pharmas and all that… Jewish Power, I repeat my question to you again and again here.

1- Without your own government power over you, could Bill Gates, big Pharmas and all that… Jewish Power have done it?

2- Without your own government power that forbids you, what would you do to Bill Gates, big Pharmas, the Jewish Power to defend yourself and your children, your family?

3-Does your national government exist to protect you, to care for you, and to stop the bad guys? If so, where is your government now? What has your government done in all this?

To be frank and blunt, what has your own government done to you?

I have not seen Bill Gates or his Microsoft employees or any Big Pharmas and their employees actually threatening and doing anything to you at all. I have not seen any One World Government agent forcing anything to anyone…at least up til now, to be fair. All the shit things so far have been done to you have been done by your own governments.

If your own government is not there or here to protect you and stop the evil guys from harming you, and protect and enhance your liberty.. but on the contrary, your own government actually has done and will do their evil bid against you, taking away your freedoms, your human dignity, treating you like kindergarten kids, or worst like guinea pigs….Why the hell do you still need government? Why the hell do you still obey it?

I know, I know.. You cannot agree with a foolish radical anarchist like me…I respect that. That’s fine with me. Please enlighten me, tell me how would you stop Bill Gates, big Pharmas, Monsanto etc. and all that Jewish Power from harming you, your children, your family… And if you insist, how would you stop the One World Government New World Order from taking over your beloved country, your society.. bla bla bla?

Don’t tell me to vote for a particular politician, a national savior , or join a political party…Please anything but that! I expect you guys patriots, nationalists are better than that!

Anyway folks, as always the last word is yours.