This morning, 2nd Thursday July 2020, the first day of the second-lockdown on 38 suburbs in Victoria state of Australia, I suddenly went back to the shithoile Vietnam in a very traumatic way of virtual reality: A Déjà vu, so to speak.

This lockdown, obviously is unlawful, but “legally,” means residents of these suburbs are banned from leaving home, much less traveling to other suburbs.

Nevertheless, I took my bike and roamed around then ventured into other “free” suburbs nearby. There was something that disturbed me.

I noticed there were quite a few plain-cloth dogs and thugs mingling among people in cafes and shopping malls. Please don’t ask me how I knew! If you continuously lived a dissident life under constant surveillance for nearly half of a century, under different forms of statist system (communist (Vietnam, China), military juntas Indonesia, fake democracy (Australia, USA), especially as declared anarchist like I have been, you would know. Unless you had nothing between your ears!

I parked and locked my bike outside. As I was walking and windows shopping around, I noticed that almost at every cashier, there was a sign “Cashless is the way to go- help stopping the spread”, some with “‘You can’t pay cash here”or “Card Only,” I know the herd of sheeple is running at a stampede rate faster than THEY would expected.

After having bought some stuffs, tucked them in the bike bags, I decided to waste 4 bucks on a cup of coffee (I don’t drink Vidish Saigon style coffee that is not brewed by myself) just to mingle with people in a rather crowed cafe in an open-air mall. The waitress asked me which suburb I am from and then warned me about other people might dob me in. I sat down in an unoccupied table. I knew that the plain-cloth dogs were sniffing my bike (parking near by) and me. Suddenly the whole part of my life in Vietnam vividly came back.

There was a time when you must have a written permission to leave you own village, You were prohibited to bring with you a kilo of tea, coffee, rice crossing between suburbs. Everything, all were contraband . You could be dobbed in anytime by anyone with anything at all. And the government thugs would just come out from nowhere and grab you away. Everyone had to wear mask constantly to survive in such a fearful mindset that one would finally transformed into the mask itself without realizing it! I can see that terrifying thing is now forming here, in front of me, in Australia and in the whole West. As a matter of fact, it actually existed in East Germany for (4) four decades (1949-1990).

I got up and went inside to pay the bill. The same waitress smiled at me in a very humane way (not masked, not robotized) of signaling, while one of the plain cloth dogs I had spotted earlier in a table outside was standing behind the glass wall right behind my table!

I went back to my bike. Before riding home, I turned back and looked at the waitress clearing the table and my untouched coffee. Her smile, her voice, her words “uncle, be careful!” gave me an undefinable warmness, and especially some hope in humanity.



I will try to come back to PhiQuyenChinh Bitchute account to see if I can still upload some clips. The problem is WordPress does not support Bitchute. I refrained myself from taking photos and recording out of respect for the people who were enjoying their morning breakfasts and coffees with friends and families. I myself do not want to be “disturbed” in such beautiful and happy time. Neither does anyone else. So I guessed!