PQC: I just stopped blaming those psychopaths. They have done what statist system is designed for them to do. They are psychopaths, who do psychopathic things, They cheat, thieve, and lie naturally as always. The People accept all that and happily fund them with all money and even their own lives! It’s the people who jump up and down chanting , advocating nationalism , patriotism that have kept these horrible things perpetuating .

Don’t ever be dishonest and stupid to say IF THE PEOPLE KNEW! They knew then and know now, but still support it. How many more wars, how many more deaths of their loved ones do the People need in order to know war is a racket, the heath of the state? How many more lies, cheats, and crimes do People need in order to realize the so-called democracy is a fraud and the whole system is dangerously false.

So, people just have to pay the price for what they believe wholeheartedly. And it seems people are happy to pay. Flags still being waved and flying high. Because otherwise they would have thrown away all the rubbish of nationalism, patriotism and become anti-war, anti-government years ago.

Or at least just like this doctor: