Ever since Wuhan incident, or I may rather say event, governments around the world have followed the ChiCom ruling method to turn the life of billions of people upside down. There have been many confusing and conflicting reports and explanations about this “pandemic”, however one thing is clear: it’s the government implemented policies that have been destroying people lives and livelihood with no end in sight. And the prospect of force vaccination the whole population is on horizon.

Many true independent experts of the field have proved that the viruses are Bio-engineered from multi-Government bio-warfare Labs. As I myself convicted that they are Government made. Even before Covid19, Governments around the world had been in crises. Public protests were everywhere. Yet, no expert dare to categorically point their fingers to statist system and its Government as culprits. Instead, the whole “anti-Bill-Gates movement” was launched.

Yes, it’s true and its correct that Bill-Gates and his Ilk (i.e big pharmas, Eugenic Population council etc ) had their evil plan long time ago. And they had been exposed many times before Covid19. So granted with compliment. They have been exposed with concrete evidences, thank you…Then what? Waiting for their arrests by Governments? Or condemned by politicians, who then will pass laws to protect people from these evil plans?

Have Bill Gates and his Microsoft’s employees, and big pharmas agents ever put guns on people heads to force their plans?

Bill Gates himself has hinted:” Bill Gates says ‘final hurdle’ to distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT“. That means he cannot do anything without the state power/ government force i.e making their plan into vaccination law!

Besides, this Covid19 has been proven to be much much bigger and larger than just forced-vaccination and population culling. It’s about humanity. It’s the war on humanity. It’s mankind liberty vs government absolute authority. The Covid19 is just a trigger of a bigger larger plot, whose ultimate aim is to permanently establish a system of total control and forcing the population into total government dependency by fear and by force with the help of sophisticated info-com high technology. Not only have forced poisonous injection (I totally agree with Catherine Austin Fitts that we should not and must not call it “vaccination,” since it is not medicine but fraud) but also food supply and business/(un)employment been reorganized and centralized for controlling and ruling purposes. People have lost not only their jobs but also their right to be self-employed. Everything has been and more will be strictly centrally licensed by government. For the collective good and collective safety of the whole society, no one will be allowed to grow their own food, collecting their own rain/river water. That’s their reasoning mantra!

As we all have seen while Bill-Gates and his ilk, big pharmas, Rockefeller etc are rightly and correctly being exposed, governments around the world are preparing and ready to implement forced-injection slowly but firmly step by step according to their plan.

It’s so obvious! It’s right in front of everyone eyes. But why has not a single intellectual called for abolishing state authority?


Oh yes, it’s BLM that has called for defund and dismantle the police force with rioting … and the help of free-bricks and free-agent provocateurs from the bicephalous monster and its police force itself! Black people have been fooled.

The George Floyd incident, by accident or by designed, has given Black people in the USA an unexpected chance or opportunity to rightfully take back their destiny. Unfortunately, they have squandered this rare momentum and their energy with aimless riots and senseless statue demolishing.

Don’t take me wrong. To me, erecting a statue of a person dead or alive is stupid, fraudulent, and deceitful. . It’s the work to reinforce the ruling establishment historical narrative. It has nothing do do with culture or history or even arts! It’s trivial! Black people and their supporters should have applied their energy and to focus on demolish the fraudulent and criminal system.

Autonomous city is a good thing to start with. But an autonomous city means people in such city will freely do their own business by themselves such as producing good and services, and freely exchange them without any government interference. I have seen or heard nothing of sort, except people gathering, dancing, and distributing free food! (from whom?) I knew it was fraud, and would not last. It’s designed to demonize “anarchy” which has been conflated with “chaos!” Old trick but works!

Black people have been oppressed, with placating bandage policies for decades since the civil right movement in the 60s. Black people have been demonized, hated, discriminated, and blamed for many things. You cannot expect a person to behave and get progress “normally” in such systemically and (not so) subtle oppressive condition. That’s said, the BLM is not the answer. Identity politics is not the answer. Because the problem is not only imposed exclusively on Blacks but all the 99% . The solution should and must be for all 99%. BLM has estranged and alienated other victims of the same criminal system. And to some extent, BLM has made many among oppressed people their enemy! This “BLM” protest will soon die down. And sadly Black people as a whole will take all the blame! The Cabal planned it that way. And Black people have been so incompetent that did not realize it!


Yes, the New World Order has been in place. But it is not a NWO under united One World Government as shithead nationalists have cried foul for years. In fact , this NWO needs nation-states and the statist system intact to divide the people to rule successfully and effectively.

There will be no such thing as One World Government without Nation-state and its government intact. Without nation-state and its government, humankind will be free. People will live in free association and non-coercion. No one will ever have power over others beyond their own properties and products. Those power hungry psychopaths knew this very well that without nation-state and its perceived power of the state, they cannot do a thing beyond their own individual sphere. Because without nation-state and government authority that people believe in, they have no power at all. That’s why and how they always promote statist system and keep the government role strong and intact with the mantras “law and order”.


Bill Gates and his foundation, Rockefeller foundation etc have been exposed with concrete evidences… Yes, just like Jeffrey Epstein and his fly-records were fully exposed with more than just concrete evidences. But none has been interrogated much less indicted! Do I have to explain why? (spoiler alert: all the big names in politics, science, academia, billionaires are all there, especially Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and the clown in tweets)

As a matter of fact, not only Bill Gates and his foundation, Rockefeller and their foundation and all big pharmas, but also the whole Military Industrial Complex..etc did not hide their corrupt activities, operations, even their plans at all. Even a POTUS in his time , a war criminal himself, Eisenhower exposed them from the inside, directly to the face not only of the American people but to the whole world! What has happened since then? They have become stronger and more powerful as the people believe more and more in the power of the state, the role government.

The more people believe in nationalism, in the state, the more senseless wars people have to fight, and the more corrupt government becomes, and the more suffering people will have. What an irony and paradox it is!

Nothing will stop them as long as people keep believing in government but not in themselves and their fellow human beings. It’s amazing and mind boggling to see and hear not only ordinary people but “intellectuals” argue that people cannot be trusted with their own devices! Didn’t they know that government is also a bunch of people as well? Worse than that, government is more often than not a bunch of thugs, clowns and psychopaths. In one word, the worst of the worst! As a matter of fact the whole humanity has been ruled by Kakistocracy! You don’t believe me? Just look at the USA right now!

So what next if those dissidents and “intellectuals” keep exposing Bill Gates and his ilk while leaving the system of government untouched?

By the way, in Australia, Melbourne City where I live, has officially declared the second lockdown! Victoria state in Australia announces second lockdown in hotspots! My I reminding readers that It’s winter here (Yesterday it was 1-degreeC), and it’s an annual flu season here as well!

I begin to agree with the late George Carlin:

“When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.”― George Carlin

George! I knew you were an atheist like I am. But If there were the afterworld, and if you could hear me, I am telling you now that there was no freak show if there was no statist authority!

At any rate folks, it’s all up to you. As always, the last word is yours.