My apology to you all. The official email of PhiQuyenChinh has changed for security and personal reason:

For the last few days, after I had a private but very informative conversation with our friend Flan O’Brien on privacy protection in email and net security, I have been doing research and reading further about Microsoft products, Linux, especially about email providers. Thank you Flan O’Brien! I have learned quite a few new things!

Now I have extended my use of linux to manjaro-xfce– and kodachi-7.1-64 apart from Ubuntu and Fedora, which have become more and more “propriety” products. (Thanks to Flan O’Brien information!)

Most excitingly, I have found the way to “destroy/ or at least limit windows spying i.e auto-update, cortina.. and free up a lot of operating RAMs…by using and fedora-usb to DELETE all windows auto-update and Cortina agents and modules. And then using Simplewall to block all the rest.

(for those of you who really understood what windows update is all about, just boot up your PC with FedroaUSB and go seaching “windows update” “windows defender” and “cortina” then DELETE THEM ALL! Is that simple? Yes, it’s just that simple!)

Of course, the best is always to do away with all Microsoft Windows and its products, unless you still need to do certain things which are currently unavailable in Linux.

At any rate, there are many issues on this field of technology which are beyond me. I have no concrete evidence, except my own experience with those email providers that claim to respect and protect your privacy, THEY LIE!

My own case. I had always tried to register my favorite email address “thetaoofanarchy” (and two other unique names I created for myself which are combination of Vidish and Chinsese relexification,), but somehow these particular names have been banned across those email providers after I exposed a fraud in a cryptocurrency website, which I suspected run by three-letters gov-agency. They knew and banned them through IP address from which I was registering- I did write and explain about this in the past, last year if I remember correctly. Thus, I can only speculate that THESE PROVIDERS MUST HAVE HAD A SPECIAL COMMUNICATING NETWORK with government security agents and among themselves. If you are marked by one, you will be marked by all of them in just seconds. In one word, they work with if not for governments!

Here is the new email provider that I am trying now, at last with my favorite email address:

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Read it and try it by and for yourself, folks. Let’s see if this truly is what it claim to be.

As always the last word is yours.