Folks, can you recall what you felt and saw ever since the Covid19 broke out in Wuhan? Fear filled all the air. Lockdown, mask wearing, social distancing… all the nonsense, rubbish. And then around the world, people, whose brains still functioning started to question the official narrative. Brave nurses and doctors in the front line spoke out, exposed government murder scheme with inflating the death toll figures in hospitals. On the streets, brave people came out to protest these stupid and dangerous measures. The whole official Covid19 was about to implode with their own fraud and fakery.

All of a sudden, a black man was murdered senselessly and brutally as always by a bunch of government thugs a.k.a police. However, despite such lockdown and fearful atmosphere, within 24 hours, peaceful protests took always… and within days, the protest spread across not only national wide, but also the whole Western world like wildfire with violence, riots, looting…

Government agents were spotted among protesters. Piles of free-bricks were provided stealthily by “anonymous” sources. But the amazing thing is the government thugs did not stop murdering people, especially blacks. We all witnessed hatred rising and division spreading wider between black and white, between left and right. White people seen using their own cars, suvs, to plough into and crush protesters…The protest has lasted more than three weeks now.

Again all of s sudden, “news” of blacks senselessly attacking innocent whites started being spread around with online “foot- staged” . News of blacks being lynched uhm sorry suicided by self-hung in some trees at some public parks, and news of people being knifed by some Muslim terrorists…all have popped up recently…

Mark my words folks, THEY will make sure that you, the people must need THEM. They will unleash the true terror that make you crawl and beg for more “law and order.”

But, as far as I am concerned, that is not going to terrify me. That’s how statist system works. That’s what nation-state is all about. No surprise at all. What terrifies me the most is most of our usual smart people, one by one, have turned idiots. I will talk about this later.

That’s all for now folks.

Take care.