PQC: Folks, since I am a vegan. I don’t often go to restaurant. I love making my own food. So I asked my grand nephew to take photos of “new normal” things for me as he went eating out.

He came back and reported that the restaurant now has less tables as they were all re-arranged so that there must be more distance between tables. But patrons and visitors in the same table would be sitting in normal distance!

One obvious new normal is patrons and visitors have to “sign in” with their names, phone numbers, arrival time, table number… Folks, please read the stupid pretext below:

My grand nephew said some people just gave fake names and fake phone numbers and winked at each other! Still he said plenty idiots out there signed in with their real names and phone numbers.

Does it insult your intelligence? If not, you don’t have it ! Sorry I have to be blunt!

That’s all folks!