Folks, for a whole week, China has “warned” of the second wave of Covid19. And now the ChiCom has ordered the lockdown in certain parts of Beijing after “some cases” had been found originated from an “agriculture market.”

First wave, which I call the Test Run, was from the “Wet Market”. Second Wave is now from an “Agriculture Market,” the real culling I am afraid!

We don’t know how many types of bio-engineered viruses they will release this time. All we know now is they have collected enough data from the “Test Run”, and the perfect condition for the “second wave” of real culling phase: The “social distance” has been ignored in whole western world, thanks to the BLM protest.

Again the ChiCom conductor has waved his baton. So, in the Jew-Ish-A, they won’t need to send the army to quell the protest. All they need to do now is to release a new statistics of “new deaths” which included and/or related to some “protesters” and declare some new “clusters” in any riot-city of choice!… And Blacks would be culled/killed in trove “legitimately” with the new multi-strain Covid20! Well, this is strictly my own “guessing.”

I really did not know they, White (and Asians), hate Blacks that much. When I lived in a deep south city of the Jew-Ish-A, I used to say “they don’t like Blacks but hate Muslims.” Thanks to the George Floyd incident, I’ve watched and read a full spectrum of hatred toward Blacks:

-Blacks have lowest IQ. Blacks were born criminals. Blacks are un-cultured. Blacks are un-civilized. Blacks are racists. Blacks are lazy. Blacks are aggressive and cruel…etc And most importantly, it was Blacks who started the slavery first in Africa and sold their slaves to Whites! So Don’t blame Whites for Black slavery in America! Folks, go to Unz Reviews and you see it all!

Oh my my! What a White (and Asian) intellectuality that is!

-Don’t blame me for raping you now girl! Your father, your uncles had done it first! I am kinder and more humane than your own folks!

Being manipulated or not, I just wonder why do Black people need the beating of Rodney King and the death of George Floyd to revolt? They should have revolted continuously! Oh! They believe in election, they trust the “democratic” system! Yeah! They did have a Black president, didn’t they!

At any rate, I don’t know folks. But I have a very very bad feeling about all this. Food price in Melbourne Australia has jumped sharply, especially vegetables. (Poor me, I am a vegan! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

I hope and wish I am wrong again.


Coronavirus: Beijing lockdown spreads in race to control outbreak

  • Chinese capital reports 36 new infections in single day, locks down 10 more communities
  • Market boss and local officials sacked for negligence as widespread testing around Xinfadi market continues

China’s capital city has locked down 10 more residential communities as it races to contain a fresh coronavirus spread, after it reported another 36 new cases in a single day amid an outbreak at a food market.The decision by Beijing came after Chinese Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan prescribed “firm and decisive measures” to prevent the spread of the disease.

Sun, who has been overseeing China’s Covid-19 control measures since January, told a meeting of the State Council late on Sunday that the risk of the latest outbreak spreading was “very high” because of the market’s large, densely packed and highly mobile population, according to state news agency Xinhua.The new cases bring the number of people affected in the capital by the latest outbreak to 79 – all of them linked to the Xinfadi wholesale market, a food distribution centre in southern Beijing which occupies 107 hectares (264 acres) and supplies food to northern provinces like Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and Liaoning.

Li Junjie, deputy chief of the city’s Haidian district, said on Monday that 10 residential estates around the Yuquandong market, which had Covid-19 cases linked to Xinfadi, would be locked down.

Beijing district in ‘wartime emergency mode’ after spike in local Covid-19 cases

Two cases reported in Liaoning province, and three in neighbouring Hebei province, since last Thursday have also been linked to the Xinfadi market. In all, there were 49 new cases in China on Sunday, according to the National Health Commission’s update on Monday morning.

The new infections included 10 more imported cases, including four people in Sichuan province who had returned from Egypt. Two imported infections were reported in Chongqing, involving travellers from India, while Shaanxi province also reported two cases involving travellers from Russia and Pakistan. There was one imported case in Shanghai from the US, and one in Fujian from Ghana. Total imported cases of Covid-19 to China stand at 92.Coronavirus UpdateGet updates direct to your inboxBy registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy

Asian stocks slipped on Monday as virus fears resurfaced. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 was down by 0.91 per cent and South Korea’s Kospi fell by 0.85 per cent.

The Beijing government has asked people who have been to the market over the past 14 days to stay at home, while a press conference scheduled for Monday morning – to talk about China’s economic development – was abruptly cancelled. The Chinese foreign ministry is also requiring journalists attending its daily briefing to notify it if they have travelled to the market or had contact with anyone from there since May 30.

The capital had been clear of local Covid-19 transmission for 55 days until the first new case – a man with no history of travel or contact with people returning to Beijing – was diagnosed on Thursday. Both the man and the second case, a meat inspector, visited Xinfadi in early June, putting the market on the radar.

According to Beijing Daily, Zhou Yuqing, deputy head of Fengtai district, where the Xinfadi market is located, Wang Hua, party secretary of Huaxiang township, and Zhang Yuelin, the market’s general manager, were all sacked on Sunday for negligence.

Yang Peng, an epidemiologist from the Beijing Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control, told state broadcaster CCTV that an initial genome sequencing investigation showed the virus was imported from Europe, but researchers still needed to work out exactly how it had started the chain of infection.

One possibility was that frozen food had been contaminated by someone infected with Covid-19 and the low temperature had preserved the virus during transport. “People then could have been infected by coming into contact with the contaminated seafood or meat in the market and further spread the virus,” Yang said.

Another possibility was that the virus had spread by an infected person coughing or sneezing in the market, affecting food items or the general environment, and enabling its spread among other people, Yang added. “We will focus the epidemiological investigation on the early cases and conduct further tracing of the virus.”

Residential areas near Xinfadi market are once again under strict lockdown, with controlled access pending centralised testing for Covid-19. Beijing Health Commission spokesman Xia Xiaojun said 76,499 samples had been tested on Sunday, with 59 positive. Xia said some of those cases had already been included in the count of confirmed infections, while others were still waiting for diagnosis.

More than 6,000 workers at the market – nearly 70 per cent – had so far been tested, with all returning a negative result. The results to date of testing on nearby residents and customers had also yielded no further cases, Xia said.