Folks, this morning I’ve done a wide surfing on news around our net world, and something smells rotten in the BLM protest movement.

I am a simple anarchist . So by anarchist nature I have a strong allergy to the word ‘ban.” I am all for free speech. That’s why I love Unz Review where I find more articles with ideas and opinions that I dislike, disagree, and despise than those I love. That’s exactly the beauty of Unz Review and that of free speech, which allows everything lying deep inside people mind afloat freely so that everyone knows, sees, and is aware of their existences and works out each own ways to deal with them. Thanks to that I now know that many Whites and Asians hate Blacks more than Muslims!

That’s why I despise political correctness. And that’s why and how I felt something deeply wrong when I heard the people in the BLM protest movement demanded certain words, names of certain products, items to be banned! This is not only counter productive to the protest movement, but pure stupidity, pure idiocy! This sounds so bloody Jewish!

First, as Blacks, have you been suffered enough from being BANNED from everything by Whites? Are you sick of “being banned?”. I thought you should have and must have given hundreds of years of life experience first hand.

As Blacks, you knew and experienced yourself that “banning” not only never work but also plain wrong.

As Blacks, can you say to other blacks “your are fucking nigger?” Of course you can, I personally heard it many times from Blacks and they laughed. Then why other persons just cannot say what you can just because they are not Black?

Just like the fucking Jews. Jews can say whatever about Jews but non-Jew cannot. Otherwise it’s antisemitism, it’s racism!

I do recognize and agree that there is certain sensitivity area in human relations and interaction that needs to be paid attention to. I have personally often refrained myself from doing and saying certain things that may be sensitive to other people OUT OF CONSIDERATION with all my heart, not OUT OF FEAR with resentment.

If you really and truly wholeheartedly are for such “banning”, your are such bloody idiot!

Last but not least. May I ending this tiny rant of mine by reminding you , my dear black brothers and sisters, that those evil people in the bloody Jewish controlled Cabal are humming their victory now, if not laughing out loud.

Think about it!