Folks, something very very wrong here. After George Floyd incident, people were protesting, even rioting… And then thugs chiefs and politicians were kneeing… But thugs keep beating and shooting people…as if they deliberately provoked more protests and riots. Obviously the thugs don’t give a shit about people protest at all! They knew something!

Here is a so-called body-cam from thugs that shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in Wendy’s parking lot on the night of June 12, 2020:

According the official story. Some dumbshit called the Gov thugs about someone was sleeping in his car!(1) Gov thugs came in and found him sleeping in his car and order to administer a field sobriety test (1). He failed the test and resisted arrest(2) and ran away with a thug’s taser. He got shot!

The whole thing is so absurd and stupid.

A person who got some drinks and slept in his car is a crime? What kind of law is it?

The footage did not clearly show anything except “stop fighting” from the thugs. Yeah, I remember such “stop resisting” arrest:

However, for the sake of argument, granted that. Was such action guaranteed a death penalty?

That is what I call “the power to take people life at will”. All the Gov thugs need is make some excuse, some pretext.. and that’s all “legal” to take a person life away in a so-called civilized and free society!

Rayshard Brooks did not steal. He did not kill. He did not even threaten anyone life. He just got a few drinks and slept in his car. Why didn’t they just let him be, or even just let him run away and arrest him later. His car was still there. Granted that he broke some (stupid) laws. But that does not justify a death penalty that issued and executed on the spot by some mere thugs! Was the whole thing worth it?

Yeah I remember 500,000 Iraqi children deaths were worth it! All because of power showing off and preserving the status of power!

In Australia, I did sleep in my car several times on the way home after my fishing trips. I felt sleepy and stopped over to take a snap. All I got was a note on my windscreen something like “drive safe mate!” or something similar. But it was in the 80s. Today, Australia has been completely Americanized and very much a police state like every state in the world now.

Was it “someone” calling the thugs because he was Black? Was he ordered to be field sobriety tested because he was Black? Yes I do think so. I’ve personally seen quite a few cases of White drunkens got away with such “crime”easily!

That’s why Laozi, some thousand years ago made a strong conviction about statist system with numerous detailed laws:

法令滋彰-盗贼多有: (pháp lệnh tư chương-đạo tặc đa hữu)The more laws that are detailedly made, the greater the number of criminals.)- Tao Te Ching -57. And as we all have witnessed in our today world: The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws! Petty stupid laws that absurdly dictate and interfere people activities in details!

Something very very wrong indeed./.