I know, it’s the USA and it’s 21st century. It’s not China of Mao in 1950s. But the nature of power and its principle are the same. They all want to root out all radical opposition and radical dissidents. In the USA, they need “concrete evidence” in the eyes of the public to root out all thorns in their shoes.

Started in 1956, Mao ChiCom not only let things loose but also encouraged all factions to come forward to citivize the Party and the system. It was then called “hundred flowers movement” with the core slogan “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend” (百花齊放、百家爭鳴- (bách hoa tề phóng 、 bách gia tranh minh). When everyone indeed came out to criticize the ChiCom , the system and some even criticized Mao himself. Mao used the young idealists. or rather the young stupidists- the red guards- to crack down all “hundred flowers and hundred schools of thought. The rest is history!

Our modern world before the Covid Plandemic had been sick, especially the Jew-Ish-A had been very sick indeed. Then the Covid appeared like a savior. Protest stopped. The whole population was virtually semi-self imprisoned. Well it’s just the viruses that scared people. Thus, when the official story started to crack with all the flip-flop from the experts and the confusion from the politicians, even the statistics do not add up, People who lost their jobs, their businesses, their way of life… began to protest against the lockdown, the dangerous mask wearing, the nonsensical of social distancing, and the privacy intruding of contact tracing. As the anti-lockdown movement almost got the momentum, which would totally expose and destroy the credibility of the whole national and international system, all of the sudden, George Floyd murder took place, which, if it were in the pre-Covid- USA, would be just another Eric Garner, or at (best or worst) Rodney King. Instead, this murder not only went viral world wide, but sparked a national protest and in a matter of days spread wider over the Western world. However, to be fair to Asians in Asia, only Japan and South Korea joined in with very small and peaceful protests!

Like the Covid19 preceded it, some “abnormality” began to emerge with the official mugshot of Derek Chauvin provided by the government, which is in no way of resembling Chauvin the knee-choker! Let alone the fact that Chauvin’s neighbors even did not know him as a policeman but a real estate agent! It’s a “small” detail. However, the whole protest has turned violent riots against civilians and business buildings with the organized assistance apparently planned by political forces and fanned up by the MSM.

As if politicians clumsily wearing color fashionable masks were not ridiculous and stupid enough, now politicians and their thuggery force began to knee-choke.. oh sorry… to knee down!

Somewhere in the USA, different “un-known” radical groups came out and took over some towns and declared “autonomous zone.” But for how long?

The MSM began to blame the “anarchists” by stupidly conflating anarchy with chaos as always! Why have they not attacked government buildings and demanded all governments step down? Oh yes! It’s just only about the police force! Police brutality, not government brutality! Yes, they are “anarchists,” indeed!

Across the Western world, protesters demand to defund and dismantle the local police force. Not the army, not the government! Just the police!!!

Meanwhile government and its standing army remain untouched…and are ready! And the clown in the whore house just keeps producing stupid and inflaming tweets!

Of course, these things will be over soon when the army starts moving in. Anyone learned anything from Rodney King affairs? Never mind the Mao’s “hundred flowers campaign.” However, at least some of you must have remembered something from a fiction called “V for Vendetta”. Anyone? Remember the rise of Norsefire with the mysterious plague or pandemic, and the quick vaccine found shortly after new chancellor Adam Sutler’s power consolidated?

“I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman and child to understand how close we are to chaos. I want everyone to remember why they need us!

Yes, that’s exactly what the Cabal wanted and planned. By any measure, This’s not a revolution! It’s a social revulsion, and It’s a political trap! A very exciting one with a lot of opportunities indeed! That’s why many opportunists have jumped in and declared whatever they want!

At any rate, THEY, the ones in true power, have been collecting, filming, recording everything and every move of everyone. But not yet! They are waiting for more absurdity and destruction committed by “rioters” so that they can use them to justify the “final crack down” and “final solution” with force vaccination world wide!

So, you have not seen it all yet. Hold your breath and buy a lot of popcorn, folks! Wait for the October surprise. It’s all in the (s)election! By this time, it’s too late to realize it!

What we will have is not a V For Vendetta with a happy ending for liberty, but a reality of 21th Statism, a NWO in which big corporations work with one another to rule the world through power of the state in each nation-states with thug-boots on people faces. And ironically with people fear and consent!