As I said the Cabal was desperate and determined to carry out their plan at al cost. But I have to admit that things have been going and developing much faster than I expected.

When the Covid operation was started, the ChiCom of China was chosen as “conductor” of total lockdown, social distancing, and mask. I guessedicted different kind of riots (anti-lockdown and food shortage) would taking place and total brute force would be brought in. I was wrong. The riots have been instigated with a racial trigger instead : the knee- choke murdered of a black man by a white government thug. The USA has been chosen as second “conductor” to consolidate government power, to re-enforce “the need for government” in people mind.

If THEY have provided free bricks and rented thugs to the protesters and “rioters” to vandalize and to harm innocent people, then they will create much much worse violence to justify the total bringing back of government force with even stronger thuggery and brutality. To me, this is a trap!

Look at these pretenders and useful idiots!

Do you, the protesters, believe these psychopathic liars and actors? Do you really believe that these psychopaths really caring about you? Do you really believe THEY have capitulated to the “protesters’ demands?”, namely, to de-fund and disband government thuggish forces? Or are they trying to provoke anger. resentment, and disgust from the other “half” of the population? Don’t ever forget that these useful idiots belong to one head of the bicephalous monster, the Cabal (I don’t use the term “deep state” because it’s incorrect and misleading , as I have explained somewhere)

As a simple anarchist, more than anyone, I want to see not only all the thuggish forces gone, all standing armies gone, but all governments gone, which will be achieved when and only when (if and only if) people in general no longer believe in Authority (political organizations and institutions) and coercive force. But this current situation with senseless violence deliberately planned and carried out by rented thuggish force among genuine protesters, will only re-enforce the need for even stronger Authority by the general population!

I’ve already heard the words “anarchy and anarchists” were mentioned and were blamed for and conflated with chaos. True anarchists, watch out!

Not only have rented thugs from the Cabal been mingling and infiltrating among the protesters, but also those shithead commies have come out trying to hijack the protest and cast the blame on anarchist as they always did in the past.

Ron Paul and his co-host have put forward their libertarian position “Defund The Police?

(I will have my take on this important subject, anarchism, in the near future. This most important subject needed to be discussed in a separate post)

As for Black people, it’s mind boggling! My dear brothers and sisters, have you been suffered enough from senseless violence and destruction? From being lied to, deceived and betrayed by political class, both Blacks and Whites?

The whole issues is that it’s government thuggery that is the common enemy of people of all colors, not just only Blacks, though Blacks have been suffered from “double oppression.”

What would you expect to achieve from destroying and hurting ordinary people just like you? You need their supports, the ordinary white, yellow, brown people, , not the political ruling class of all colors! Black thugs, Yellow thugs, Brown thugs are no different from their White “colleagues.” Black statists, Yellow statists, Brown statists are no different from their White comrades .

Thuggery, cruelty, crimes, atrocities, and injustice have no border and no color (or race if you insist- I don’t believe in the existence of race) . So have their victims.

I have no problem, if not strongly recommend, if you would have focused on the buildings, structures of ruling institutions to vent your anger and frustration rather than on shops and business owned by ordinary folks that everyone needs and depends on.

Remember, my brothers and sisters, no revolution will last or even succeed by alienating ordinary people, much more destroying their properties, hurting and harming them intentionally!

Please stop rioting thuggishly in order to focus on your real revolting.