Dada wrote:

“There are also people being paid to disrupt peaceful protests” I have seen pictures. Even cops disguised as protesters to set a protest on fire. Here is not so violent, but there are protests.

The thing is, in Portugal, with this ex-colonialist horrible history, im afraid it might inflate general racial hate and divide people, which, is again (for THEM, you know who, to divide and conquer), when people should keep together against the upcoming totalitarian regime.

I have tried to explain even to former apparently intelligent people but they refuse even to watch what I recommend and even obvious things, even to a very smart guy i know but he says he cannot deal with the overload of information and its hard to know whats fake or real.

The point is, get out of the box. Out of Plato’s cave. And that’s uncomfortable. It is like deconstructing your whole world. It is hard. Even harder when you dont have a job and are on the verge of misery because of this whole thing.

I am not very smart, but i DO question, and i have been questioning for long, since i was a child, and finding otherwise “normal” things as absurd, like miles and miles of apartment blocks, crowds on the train going to work for so many hours, definitely not happy with what they were going to do, the slums and the mansions, the priest blabbering those useless stories on Sunday school (where my catholic mother put me in, i was very upset because i wanted to join sports or the scouts and go to the woods…left it as soon as i could) , I always found absurd and nonsense, absence of nature on city centers, etc I found it always as absurd and unnatural. I know since I was a kid that I couldn’t take the answer my family and others gave me “Because this is the way it is” answer.

I would love my last wish now to see a completely non-political march against misery and authoritarian manipulation but i think i’ll die before such utopia happen. If ever happen because all the recent events are being treated on a way to manipulate, made to divide people at all costs.