Water bear. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a water bear (Paramacrobiotus craterlaki) in moss. Water bears (or tardigrades) are tiny invertebrates that live in aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats such as lichen and damp moss. Paramacrobiotus craterlaki is a carnivorous species that feeds on nematodes and rotifers. Water bears are found throughout the world, including regions of extreme temperature, such as hot springs, and extreme pressure, such as deep underwater. They can also survive the high levels of radiation and vacuum of space. Magnification: x330 when printed at 10 centimetres wide.

Ever sine the supposed to be deadliest pandemic in human history was declared, we all have seen or most respected and trusted members of human society, namely “intellectuals” and “scientific experts” are among the most confusing and confused people of all! Never mind the going-on debate on whether the Covid is bio-engineered, or worst, if it really existed at all!

At any rate, as of today 8-June-2020, from the Inductive reasoning basis, if one has carefully observed the “pandemic” situation both at national and global levels, one would inevitably conclude that the Covid19, if it really exists regardless of being bio-engineered or natural, is not as deadly as told, and definitely not a pandemic. This is even more so if one takes this “pandemic” from the other way round, the deductive reasoning.

Well, one may legitimately say not so fast, let’s wait and see it in the “second wave!”

Oh yes, definitely! we’ll all wait, don’t you worry! Thanks to the worldwide George Floyd protest, in which the “scientific social distancing” (sorry Karl Marx I didn’t mean to ridicule your “scientific dialectic”) has been evaporated, we will have a confirmation very soon in the next few… weeks… uhm…or months , or years! (you know how court intellectuals and scientists work, don’t you)

However, from a statist stand point, the Cabal has been put between a rock and a hard place. If the “second wave” operation will not be carried out, the whole bunch of them, governments and their intellectuals, experts etc will look worse than morons (I know they don’t care, since they are morons anyway). But if the “second wave” operation is “on”, they will risk a total revolt given the “unexpected result” from this George Floyd- Derek Chauvin “affairs”: Being manipulated or not, People now see that they can literally fuck the Covid19 and revolt! They can see that they have nothing left to loose!

What will be the way-out?

Oh yes, there is a school of Marxist anarchist intellectuals, (I can see that the word oxymoron has already seen its declensions and rendered meaningless) who have come to the rescue: it’s had been declared gently and subtlety: The coronavirus is simply one side effect of climate change! (Just one, since, according to this theory, climate change has many effects and side effects)

So, covid19 is neither bio-engineered nor natural, but “man-made related!” By implication we all are to blamed! Very scientific indeed!

So all roads lead to “Climate change”

By the way, the words “climate change” mean differently to different people since it has been transformingly used away from “global warming”. I am not a scientists in any field. So I am not diving into the lexicological or in my case as an ex-Viet, a relexification war. I am a simple anarchist (BTW, I learn this simplicity from Laozi), so I understand these words “climate change” simply means “the change in this Earth’s climate.”

Ever since this planet was formed and transformed into it’s current existence, it has changed and been changed in enormous ways for billion years before our human mammals even existed! So has its climate! And change will never cease with or without human mammals!

Unfortunately, or I should say “fortunately,” we, the most “intelligent” creature in this universe has classified “change” into different categories. Simply put, whatever change that makes human mammals uncomfortable and threatens their wishes and wants, will be named “disasters”, “catastrophes”, and…”unnatural”; and changes that makes them temporarily “feel” good and comfortable, will be called “normal” or “good condition” or even “natural condition!” You see how reasonable and rational human mammals are!

Therefore the unavoidable and inevitable wish that human mammals have tried to implement is to”control” the change of this earth climate to accommodate their needs, wants, and wishes… with government policies, regulations, laws… and violent force, according to current global statist model. Or as anarcho Marxism would “suggests” with common understanding and consensus in a future anarchy.

Since it is “our fault”, our collective reckless, we must somehow be organized to solve this common existential threat in order to preserve this planet and our human mammals race… forever!

Thus, I can speculate that common eternal survival and collective safety is more important than human liberty! Even if we have to transform back (or evolve or devolve, whatever word you prefer ) into tardigrade-like creature, since tardigrade is the most ‘indestructible’ animal on Earth.

I am not an intellectual. I’ve just read some books, among which are some Buddhist texts and Tao Te Ching. Actually it was my late father who had introduced those silly books to me, and taught me how to apply both “deductive reasoning” and “Inductive reasoning” to cross-exam or to test an idea or a theory, and I did. So, I have learnt from Laozi and Buddha that the only permanent thing in nature and in this universe is change! Believe me. I have tried hard to falsify such “silly-and- absurd-idea” or rather that conclusion by Taoism and Buddhism, but so far I’ve failed. Thus, I have to agree with it…”temporarily”

This means, expressing in human languages, everything that is built will be collapsed, everything that was born will die, everything that exists will disappear…. But to nature and in this universe everything is transforming and being transformed in each Khaṇa (wink of time) at each own pace and manner.

Anyway folks, from now on, stop speculating any conspiracy theory at all. It’s pointless and baseless. Because this Covid19 is simply one side effect of climate change. Economic crises, financial crises, perpetual war “could be” due to “climate change related” as well.

So in the near future when some other “pandemics” happen, they must definitely be some other side effects of climate change. Those expensive state of the art Bio-labs that are built and funded by governments around the world with thousands of top-notch scientists working 24/7 there … have nothing to do with ..anything!

There is no conspiracy. Things just happen the way they are without evil or nefarious calculations between men and women in power. Anything that is abnormal, it’s just coincidence of social and political interactions, OK! If those psychopaths happened to discuss something behind the doors and lie to you repeatedly, constantly… it’s because they want to protect you from cruel reality of Real-politic. That’s all! That’s just the tyranny of good intentions!

Dare you to utter the words “intellectual idiocy”!