Folks, I feel exhausted, so I just have a few words to share with you. I leave all the photos , hopefully,will tell you the rest.

Today I took my bike and went to visit Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria AEOTW. From there I “accidentally” jointed a group of young people on the way back to Melbourne CBD- Parliament House, to protest against Government thuggery. One wink and one thumb-up were all the conversation I made with them during the whole hour of traveling back to the City!

Oh, how I love these youngs who were filled with ideal and pure humanity. They reminded me when I was on the streets of Saigon against the War and the Yanks!

I took out my memo book and was about to write… suddenly somehow an un-known bitterness over-flowed and overwhelmed me. Why did the people in this country have to be shocked by the brutal death of an African American man, George Floyd, to look into the eyes and the plight of their own Indigenous Australians?

I have been in this country for thirty six (36) years. I couldn’t remember how many so-called “royal inquests into Aboriginal deaths in custody.” I did not count. I was first aware of the black history of my new country while a student at Sydney Institute of Technology in 1985. The dark history that was totally absent in the thin booklet I learned about Australia as a young boy in Vietnam.

In case you may not know. The land now called Australia had been being home of the Aboriginal people for at least 40,000 years before the British Empire designated it their penal colony and dumped their convicts on it. You can guess what happened after that. There’s no way that I can wear the shoes of Aboriginal people or those of African Americans.

Nevertheless, I do know the pain. I come from a nation that committed genocide and extinguished at least two Peoples, that my ex- Viets always proudly re-tell repeatedly as ” a great “southward advance ” (cuộc Nam tiến vĩ đại) or “a great territorial expansion” (công cuộc mở mang bờ cõi vĩ đại) and “a great achievement of our ancestors” (một kỳ công của tổ tiên). And their rationalization is …that’s normal! That’s how a “race”, a nation, would do, have to do, and should do to survive! Yet, that same nation also was constant victim of other nationalism and imperialism with their “northward advance” and their “White Christian civilizing duty.” When the Viets did it to others, it’s normal, yet also a national and “racial” pride! But when others did the same to the Viets, it’s inhumane, it’s cruel, it’s barbaric! I am so tired and so sick of nationalism. Again I digress.

Anyway, If you really want to know and hopefully understand this dark history and the plight of Aboriginal people, just watch this documentary by John Pilger, the only Australian investigative journalist alive that I’ve known of. According to me of course! I am not qualified to tell you this part of Australian history. Watch this:

Or let this Aboriginal Australian tell you himself. Listen to what he had to say, and come to your own conclusion. Again I digress.

Anyway, that was not the only important thing I wanted to share with you. During the protest, I noticed there were plenty of masks and sanitizers being distributed to protesters free! The protesters were constantly reminded to wear mask and to keep social distance by the “organizers”! The protesters just laughed!

That’s all folks. Have a look at these photos I took, and use your imagination. I need to rest for a while.