I always remember those brave Chinese heroes, of whom I don’t know how many were murdered that day. In Sydney where I was that time, being Uni student myself, I extended my assistance to those Chinese students of the Movement were stranded in Australia during the crack down.

Unfortunately, those survived the crackdown have sided with the USA imperialist thugs. They have tarnished the heroic righteous cause of those who felt down on that day. Just like those Hongkongers are now being wrapped themselves with the USA Flags and carrying the photo of the criminal clownish idiot in the whore house, are betraying the spirit of true liberty. I had been an anti-dictatorship, anti-war as a nationalist even before 1975, especially more so after I fled Vietnam. Even while being involved and working with different anti-communist movements inside Vietnam and abroad in the West, especially in the USA, I never sided with any government, particularly the USA government. I refused to meet with their agents. In fact, I never met them at all!

I learned a dear lesson from the Vietnam War: No government can be trusted, especially the USA’s!

The experience of my father generation during the anti-colonial resistance and my own political experience tells me that any one who claims to be a freedom fighter and sides with other governments, particularly the USA government, if not being pure naive, must be a fake freedom fighter and an opportunist. Period!