PQC: I didn’t know Kit Knightly is a very “kind” statist until I read his latest “analysis” on this George Floyd protest.

1- Whoever put out this silly joking question “Q: Why has there never been a military coup in the United States?” is either naive and ignorant or deliberately dis-informing! The Jew-Ish-A did have a “super military” Coup d’état which began on 22 November 1963 with the public-execution of the siting POTUS J.F.K and completed on 6 June 1968 with another public-execution of another Kennedy, the POTUS-in-Waiting R.F.K !

At least to me, I call that a “super military coup”, because the Jewish Controlled Cabal deployed not only members of the US military, CIA, FBI, Secret Services but also Israeli Mossad to carry out this Coup. And later deployed the whole US government , all three branches , and the whole fourth estate- MSM to cover it up! If you want supporting evidences for my “assertion” , here:

Laurent Guyénot Did Israel Kill The Kennedies?

Ron Unz: American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations

JFK: An American Coup D’etat

Col Fletcher-Prouty-describes-jfk-assassination-conspiracy

JFK CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
By: L. Fletcher Prouty

Final Judgment, The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

2- The clown in tweet is a Jewish-Controlled Cabal project. Since he got in that Whore House he has done everything for the Jews and the Wall Street 1%. He is a criminal with track record full of Jewish dirt (Kosher Nostra). He can be tossed out at any time if he is no longer of use.

They were able to execute the Kennedies in broad daylight in front of the whole world without a glitch, and even ordered a sitting POTUS to murder his own soldiers for them (the USS Liberty.} Why the hell, THEY have to do such length and effort just to get rid of a mere idiot, a criminal clown?

Oh! you may say the Jewish criminal clown in tweets has a bunch of gun-toters with him right? I tell you with my own experience, that those gun-toters are no freedom lovers or fighters at all. They are not the braves and the frees at all! Because if they were, they would have shot or at least shooed away all those thugs and goons that beaten up and murdered their fellow citizens as per Second Amendment intended. Instead, most of them are just a bunch of racist bullying cowards with dangerous toys, that’s all. They are out there to shoot at unarmed poor people only. As soon as government goons and thugs come in with bigger guns, they will drop their guns down and run home!

Oh yes! I forgot that “we” should” condemn thieves and looters! Right? Yeah, Jean Valjean! I condemn thieving and looting too. Poor people have been locked for months, lost their low paid jobs etc..They might have stolen couple of hundred, even thousands dollars worth of items. But I despise and condemn even more those who have been continuously stealing and robbing billions dollars from and the livelihood of the poor!

Those protesters, rioters, looters.. may have beaten up and killed one two three by standing people. Yes, arrest them, jail them. But I want to arrest and punish more those who have been deliberately and continuously murdering thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions people and uprooting and destroying the lives of hundreds of millions people around the world! If you want to talk about “law and order” and “justice” and “moral” and “moral hazard!.”

By the way, don’t forget that those big businesses have already been rescued with hundred billions dollars by their Government! The so-called Stimulus Package, remember!

3-The USA has been the Jewish Occupied Territory for decades. It’s the Head Quarter of the Jewish Controlled Cabal, whose tentacles have also rested firmly not only in the other four members of the Five-Eyes but the whole Western Europe, even in Russia!

And the “color revolution” is only used in those countries that the Jewish Controlled West has not yet controlled with their installed puppets! The USA has already been controlled completely. They don’t need “color revolution!” There is no “color” in this popular protest with genuine causes, unless you mean the color of the skin of the protesting people, BLACKS? Oh! Kit Knightly, you are so disappointing! Haven’t you seen those poor protesters are Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows etc.? However I have to admit these poor gullible people have been manipulated and used! I got it! Anyway, I thought you would have known better!

At any rate, the whole Covid19 is a grand-symphony for total submission under total statist control, and this “riot” is just a part of it. Poor people and especially Blacks have been used brutally and mercilessly in this plot, which is used to divide the people, pit people against one another, and to justify brute-force; and most importantly to consolidate the role of Government- (law(less) and (dis)order- in the mind of the people.

Sound so far-fetched heh? Have you ever noticed that the world’s major governments seem to be superficially ‘opposed.’ but in fact often covertly working together?

No wonder the whole lifetime works of professor Antony Sutton have been wasted in vain! While alive, not a single “intellectual” put up a challenge to his findings. They just quietly kicked him out, marginalized him into oblivion!

Last but not least. Don’t ever call me an “anti-Semite”. I hate that label. Because it’s empty and stupid. I want to be a “fool”, but not so fool that to be anti- to a whole group of middle east languages! Let’s be clear: I am anti those fucking Jewish chosen-ness. I won’t repeat this again. I am anti-Jews!

Anyway, folks! It’s strictly my 2cents! Please, just read this piece of his opinion, and come to your own conclusion. Because, as always, the last word is yours.


Are we about to see a Colour Revolution in the United States?

The familiar tropes are out in force, Trump may not weather this storm.

By Kit Knightly

It started with peaceful protests. It always does. Oppressed, poor or otherwise desperate people take to the streets because they don’t know what else to do. Because their neighbours are doing it. Because the world is unfair to so many people. Because attention should be paid.

The reasons don’t matter. The peacefulness does.

Nobody who is marching for justice and change really wants to burn down a bakery or steal some trainers from a Nike store.

But then it starts happening.

Windows are broken. Bricks are thrown. Civilians are sprayed with mace. Bystanders are caught up in the throng. People get hurt.

It doesn’t need to happen, but it does.

Sometimes police panic in the face of intimidating crowds. Sometimes protesters let their anger boil over. A small minority of people just enjoy violence and chaos. Others stand to benefit from it, they stoke conflict and spread blame.

Then the molotov cocktails are flying and the snipers are shooting people on both sides. There’s blood in the streets and barricades are going up and the whole thing has its own momentum.

And, through all this, the media is churning out the noise. Partisan and dehumanising. “criminals” on one side “Fascists” on the other. Both sides are called thugs. Fox News and CNN tell the same stories with reversed points of view, slashing society down the centre.

And the chaos builds. The President has to do something, so he calls in the army.

Now the press are calling him a fascist and a dictator. They say he’s violated his office and he has to resign or be removed or be arrested.

I’m not talking about the United States.

I’m talking about Ukraine in 2014. Or Egypt and Syria in 2011. Or Libya in 2010. Or Bolivia just last winter. Or Venezuela every year for decades.

If the events currently unfolding in cities across the United States were happening in any other country in the world, a lot of us would already have said that the US Deep State was behind it. All the hallmarks are there.

The constructed narratives. The handy props. The agents provocateur. The hysterical media. The stench of agenda.

Consider, for a moment, that what is happening in Minneapolis and New York and Los Angeles has been happening in Paris and a host of other French cities for nearly two years.

The Guardian never called Macron a fascist. CNN never had a live stream about that.

Compare the coverage of the Gilets Jaunes to Black Lives Matter, and then to the Maidan protests.

The rubber bullets and tear gas are the same. The headlines are not.

CNN has one host calling Trump a “thug” who’s “hiding in his bunker”, and another saying “Trump declared war on Americans”. Robert Reich, writing in the Guardian, says:

[Trump] is no longer president. The sooner we stop treating him as if he were, the better.

The Washington Post has an op-ed headlined:

Trump must be removed. So must his congressional enablers.

Slate magazine:

Remove Trump Now

The corporations are all on board. Every one of them releasing statements of solidarity and heartfelt Instagram posts and sending money to all the right places. Nike had their famous ad.

Because the same companies paying slave-wages to 10-year-old Indonesian kids in vast sweatshops just hate racism and inequality, honest.

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Doesn’t this look like a play for an exchange of power? A colour revolution in the offing?

I suppose we should ask “why now?” Trump is up for re-election in just five months after all. Biden doesn’t really stand a chance, but they could have him suffer “ill health” and pull out, replace him with a Harris or a Warren or Michelle Obama. Hell, they could just rig it. They’ve done it before.

But then maybe it’s not about Trump per se, maybe it’s about the process of elections and the office of President in general. Maybe it’s about getting martial law in place well before the Covid19 backlash kicks in. Maybe there’s something else coming down the pipe that will make it clearer.

Supposing the plan is to get rid of Trump, what happens next?

Well, maybe one of a few things.

Firstly, it’s possible it all just dies down. But if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that the Deep State doesn’t fold a bad hand, they just up the ante and hope to bluff it out.

Second, there’s the possibility Trump introduces full-on martial law and becomes a quasi-dictator. While I’m sure he has no moral compunctions about that, it’s hard to see he would have the (vital) support of the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies in that endeavour. They’ve shown their colours throughout the last four years. However useful Trump has been, he is not an insider and he is entirely disposable.

Third, and final, Trump goes. Whether there’s an impeachment or a trial or an early election or a civil war…I don’t know. But it’s hard to see Trump weathering this storm.

If I had to guess, I’d say the protests and pressures mount until Trump does something stupid. If he makes any Yanukovych-style attempts at appeasement (he probably won’t), they will be ignored or minimised or the goalposts will be moved (we already saw that, when the arrest of Derek Chauvin went almost totally unnoticed).

If soldiers fire on civilians – whether Trump orders it or not, or whether mercenaries frame the army (like in Ukraine) – that will be it. The military will resign en masse, turn on Trump and he will be ousted.

From there could emerge an appointed “temporary” President, a middle-of-the-road type with support from both parties, whose job is to “unify the country” and “heal the divides”.

The emergence of a totally unelected President will, of course, be called something like “a triumph of the democratic spirit” in The Guardian.

The riots will be blamed for a constructed “second wave” of Covid19. Just in time for one of the new POTUS’ first announcements to be that “America will start taking Covid19 seriously”. Stronger lockdown rules, mandatory track-and-trace…the full Monty.

This will naturally earn him/her good-boy points all across the mainstream media, with the (totally accidental) bonus that anyone who dares protest the coup will be breaking the law, being selfish and risking lives (and probably a racist).

This is all just my supposition. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. But I can see it heading in that direction. And the idea should worry everyone. Not out of any latent concern for Donald Trump, obviously. Just for the stability of the world. Coups or impeachments or other non-democratic power-changes are not good. They don’t end well.

They don’t end well for the leaders being removed, who almost universally end up exiled or hanged or poisoned or shot. Sometimes worse.

More importantly, they don’t end well for the ordinary people, who always suffer when the Deep State turns society on its head.

And, in this instance, it may not end well for the world, which suddenly has a nuclear-armed superpower in a severe state of flux to worry about.

We should all be concerned.

There’s an old joke:

Q: Why has there never been a military coup in the United States?

A: Because there’s no American Embassy there.

It looks like maybe that no longer applies.