The whole scheme is to incite hatred, chaos, violence, and to pit people against one another… to justify the existing of criminal organization, government, and justify its brute-force power of the state.

It’s so obvious and simple. The whole Government machine with its thuggery created the mess, and then deliberately exacerbate it into chaos and violent situation, which forces gullible people to call for “law and order” from government thugs, who are the very ones that created the mess at the first place!

As our friend petevanderwaal ) correctly nailed it:

The good old trick, is it not? A peaceful protest is being railroaded by hired thugs and interestingly enough, those thugs get never arrested or shot at, it’s always the peaceful protesters that get done for the chaos that is being created by others. When do people learn?? I am amazed every time this happens, it’s the good old story, the union tricks that were played out in Great Britain years ago and in Australia I recall, same trick different day. People got short memories, I must say! Your peaceful protest is not allowed by government and they do anything to turn it into a disaster, same story every time. Open your eyes and look at reality, it’s out there!

In Australia, when the monkey John Howard came to office, he used this exact tactic to break the Water front unions, and the same trick, among other things, was used to break the Occupy Movement!

Yet, the MSM and government officials again deliberately conflate “chaos” with the misnomer “anarchy” to blame anarchists and anarchism, which has nothing to do with chaos, but on the contrary, is the only remaining hope for humankind.

I have tried my best to refrain myself to “discuss” about a simple principle of free association and non-coercion, anarchism, which has been misunderstood and misrepresented and even misinterpreted and wrongly explained by all kind of past and present political “theorists” and activists. Until now, I’ve just mainly posted various essays from various anarchist authors without my own take on this important subject, except occasionally alluded it within other issues. The only time I expressed mildly my “anarchism” was my response to my ex-Viet tribe in a short piece of critique “Đạo Đức Kinh Phi Quyền Chính : Một Tư Tưởng Lớn Bị Ngộ Nhận” (Tao Te Ching, Anarchism: a great philosophy that was misunderstood). I will share with you my own version of Anarchism later. Because in this time of chaos at global scale, with government evil deceit and violent force run amok, which has been used to frame anarchism, it’s time to have a serious talk about anarchy.