When it comes to “Modern Smart IT”, THEY just want you to know about those high class thieves turned billionaires such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc or just Jews and Whites only…THEY don’t want you to know that there are bunch of “blacks”, “browns”, “yellows” who are much much smarter and made more scientific and technological contributions to humanity than those high-class thieves.

Just like the Serbian Nicolas Telsla had been deliberately suppressed while the crook Thomas Edition was overratedly promoted.

As a matter of fact, human ingenuity has no racial boundary such as genetic IQ or whatsoever. It’s just condition and opportunity. That’s why before the so-called “West” existed there had been Egyptian technology, Sumerian science and technology with cuneiform records; and came Indian science and technology and philosophies with the invention of “Zero” and discovery of “Pie”. and then Chinese science and technology and philosophies.. and even after seven century, the newly established “Muslim world” advanced medical, mathematical, and architecture sciences. And now for the past two hundred years or so, we have the West inherited and has advanced all knowledge that had existed before and has made more inventions as we all have seen and enjoyed today.

There is no such a thing called stupid race or intelligent race. We have all sort of people , good, bad, ugly in all sort of “colors.” If one is put under a hard oppressing physical and mental conditions, and deprived of opportunity one can hardly do anything except focusing on survival and the next meal. If one is liberated and live in a better freer condition with opportunity, one would have chance to flourish in any filed of choice. That’s exactly happen to the Jews, as the late professor Israel Shahak rightly and correctly explained in an interview by Harold Channer that “250 years ago the Ashkenazi Jews had nothing” until were liberated from the suppression of Rabbinic/Rabbinical power and the discrimination of European societies.

As a matter of fact, In this 21 century, we have witnessed both human progress as well as human destruction made by and with the contribution from all people of all “colors” from all part of the world!

The current Covid19 is a case in point. This bio-engineered viruses are the fruit of multi-national and multi-ethnicity “effort.” If one knows about the Japanese Unit 731 and German Nazi Blitzableiter (Lightning Rod) and later the post war Paper Clip project (operation), one would never point finger at any single nation or “ethnicity” for this atrocious madness! It’s the work, or rather the crime of the nation states, the statist system!

Yet, when people commit petty crimes such as social crimes, or even homicide with one or three victims , which are mostly due to hard condition such as poverty, depression, and social desperation, we condemn these people harshly with draconian punishment. And certain social “scientists” with IQ “experts” through their “scientific studies” found that certain low IQ races are the main source of these social crimes! That means social crimes are genetic heredity, certain “races” are natural born criminals! This may be true, I really don’t know.

But I do know for a fact that heinous crimes and worst atrocities against humanity with genocide and mass murdering of millions of deaths, mass financial and economic thefts and robberies in multi-billions if not multi-trillions dollars, have always been committed without exception by “high IQ” people in high social and political positions and status across all nations, all races! Sine I am neither biologist, nor geneticist, I don’t know if these criminals share the same genes, but I do know, and you do too, that they share the same kind of power of the same system: crony state capitalism and statism!

It’s the stupid and destructive racism and nationalism that have destroyed the facts and the truth about common human ingenuity and progress. Nationalism, racism, and organized religions have not only destroyed and hindered many chances and opportunities for human progress. world peace, and human common happiness, but also have been causing uncountable suffering to humanity ever since.

The mother of destructive organized religions, nationalism, racism is Statism. It’s statism and its unique power, namely the power of the state, that has converted millions of human brain power (intellectuals and scientists) from generation after generation with countless natural resources from civil welfare into a multi destructive force complex of ABC (atomic, biological, chemical) warfare of Nation-States government power. Ever since, weapons of mass destruction are no longer confined to hardware such as guns, bombs, warships, warplanes, tanks etc but even food and medicine, education and information have become weapons of mass destruction! Humanity has been attacked from all aspects by the State!

Democide now has been and will be committed in a united and uniformed fashion in a New World Order, in which ALL nation states are openly in hands with global corporations to rule people of the world with common police state standard, which I label ISO PSCOVID19. (International Standard Organization Police State Covid19)

When it comes to the police state, there is no first, second, or third world. No Asian, no European, no African. No Muslim, no Christian, no Buddhist… only the same police boots on all human being faces!