German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken To Psych Ward

German Lawyer Who Criticized Lockdown Arrested, Taken To Psych Ward

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A German medical lawyer who criticized the coronavirus lockdown law was arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward, where she says she was violently abused by authorities.

Beate Bahner published a press release on April 3rd decrying the German lockdown laws as “flagrantly unconstitutional, infringing to an unprecedented extent many of the fundamental rights of citizens.”

“These measures are not justified by the Infection Prevention Act, hurriedly amended just a few days ago,” she asserted.

“Long-term restrictions on leaving home and meeting others, based on high-death-rate modelled scenarios, which fail to take account of actual critical expert opinions, and the complete shutdown of businesses and shops with no proof that they pose any risk of infection, are thoroughly unlawful.”

Bahner called for a nationwide protest on Easter Sunday to “end the tyranny at once,” before Heidelberg Police announced that they would seek to prosecute her for inciting Germans to break the law.

On April 13th, Bahner called her sister from Heidelberg’s Klinik fur Allgemeine Psychiatrie describing what happened to her.

After claiming she was “suspiciously” followed by a car, Bahner says she asked another motorist to call the police only for the police to show up, handcuff her and push her to the ground “with massive force.”

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After being driven to the psychiatric facility, Bahner says she was treated like a terrorist.

“I asked to be allowed to sit down and was shown to a bench. Then I asked to have the handcuffs taken off, since it was actually I who had requested police protection,” she recounted.

“But instead, I was thrown to the floor again, having my head hurled onto the stone floor from a meter height, which nobody reacted to.Then I was forced to spend the night lying on the floor in some high-security Guantanamo psychiatric clinic…there was no toilet, no sink, though they did allow me water, and there was a bell I could ring, though they ignored it after the third time I pressed it.”

The lawyer was charged for incitement yesterday, with her attorney sounding the alarm bell over her treatment.

“I shouldn’t have to add Bahner’s claims of very grave abuse have untoward connotations of the darkest chapters of German history,” he said.

“The mere fact she claimed to have been so badly abused was what prompted me to write to you. Bahner is in the company of over 50 well-known experts in criticising the nationwide lockdown; I would be glad to furnish you with a list of their names. If it really is the case lawyers critical of government measures can now be intimidated using the state legal apparatus or psychiatry, and can be professionally and socially destroyed, then it is five minutes to midnight in this country.”

Bahner has won three cases in the Federal Constitutional Court and written five books on German medical law.

Advocate against lockdown CLOSED in psychiatric clinic

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Lawyer Beate Bahner, who climbed the barricades last week and filed a lawsuit against SHUTDOWN in Germany, was arrested by the police on Sunday at around 19.15 pm.

Beate Bahner made the news because she started a lawsuit against the lockdown in Germany. (source)

Among other things, she brought these motifs:

“Federal and state government measures are FLAGRANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL and violate a multitude of basic rights of citizens of Germany to an extent never seen before.”

“This is not justified by the development of the figures, neither by studies, nor by previous experience.”

The judge immediately rejected her application. Not substantial enough. (source)

Read the previous article about the lawsuit that Beate filed here:

This is how Beate herself explains what happened to her when she was locked up. (source):

She was in the parking garage where she noticed a stationary car with several people in front of it. Beate Bahner felt that something was wrong and she hid behind a car for ten minutes.

Then she started running.

She ran out of the parking garage and called her secretary to pick her up and first call the police. But the secretary did not appear.

She accosted passersby and asked them to call the police. Beate soon regretted this when she realized that she is currently a public enemy.

Beate Bahner turned the corner and several officers came to meet her.

They asked her: “What did you call the police for? What are you afraid of? What do you think you’re being chased for? ”

Then they put on her handcuffs and she was taken in the crook wagon.

Four officers and three nurses were present at the place where she arrived. A doctor was also available.

Since one of the officers apparently didn’t think Beate Bahner wanted to sit down fast enough, he knocked her to the ground and grabbed her head with both hands and hit her head hard on the stone floor once

Nobody said anything.

Beate refused to put on a mask: what should I need a mask for?

The doctor then asked her why she feels chased.

She was put in a small cell where she could lie on a mattress.
There was no water and no toilet.
Also no soap or towel.

She almost thought she had ended up in Guantánamo Bay.

Beate was thirsty, but she didn’t get any water. Nor was she allowed to call a lawyer.

She was locked up in this cell all night. Later she got a pot to urinate that soon flooded.

Beate Bahner wanted to leave the cell, but the nurse forcibly stopped her.

She turned out to be in a newly built, highly guarded psychiatric prison. One that Bahner, as a lawyer, did not know about.

Like a serious criminal, she got breakfast in the morning but no table or chair. She had to eat it on her mattress: “because you are here in an isolation cell.”

The head of psychiatry forced her to wear a mask, if not then she was not allowed to go to the ‘regular department’.

Beate Bahner agreed.

He also asked if she was willing to be admitted to the psychiatric clinic voluntarily for 6 weeks, Bahner refused. She first wanted to see a court decision.

Almost 24 hours after she was arrested, Beate Bahner actually got one ‘upgrade’: A nice big room, she can take a shower at 16.00 pm, she can use her mobile phone and a friend can bring some books.

She is obliged to wear a mouth mask in her cell and in the building.

There are approximately 25 people in total in the ward, including 4 other psychiatric patients, including a 28-year-old severely depressed woman.

The nurses are sweet and nice, according to Beate Bahner. Visits are prohibited because she is insured.

She sent the above to her sister by voice message.
She says that she is quite happy with her larger cell, but the gray reality is much, much, much, much, much worse than she could ever have imagined.

With lies and deception about a killer virus, Germany has become a police state, a repressive regime. One in which Mao Zedong’s China will pale.

With lies and deception about a killer virus, Germany has become a police state, a repressive regime. One in which Mao Zedong’s China will pale.

No one helped me when I was arrested. Only a passer-by, a boy with dreadlocks, asked what I had done to be treated like that. ”

“Get up on people, evil powers are at work here. Do something!!”

Said Beate Bahner.

Speech message Beate Bahner:

Media police confirm Beate Bahner has been taken to the clinic.

Bild writes:

She called for a nationwide demonstration and stated that the Germans had the “right to object”. The Heidelberg Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation. She is suspected of: public call for illegal action. ” (source)

T-Online about the situation: (source) (source)

The restrictions on personal freedom and public life during the Corona crisis go too far for some lawyers. A lawyer from Heidelberg (Beate) also protested and was now visited by state security.

What the police apparently saw as one “Disruption of public security” is an open letter of 19 pages in A4 format. In it, Bahner explains her urgent request to the Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg to overcome the corona restrictions in the federal state.

She also calls there to register demonstrations. The Corona Regulations were “Clearly unconstitutional” en “Ineffective” and so extensive that there was a right to object under Article 20 (4) of the Basic Law. No one has to obey these prohibitions anymore, it says in their statement.

The court said: “The dangers to life and limbs outweigh the restrictions on personal freedom.”

Berlin lawyer Niko Härting: “I see the statement as an acceptable expression, and I am concerned about our constitutional state because it is there to endure dissent, exaggerated and hysterical views.”

The police and prosecutors are taking action against a lawyer who believes that the measures taken because of the Corona crisis have been greatly exaggerated and who speak of Coronoia (like paranoia) and it “Biggest legal scandal” in the history of the Federal Republic.

State security came to the Bahner law firm on Wednesday. According to the Heidelberg Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is being investigated for suspicion that Bahner has publicly called for a tort on its website. It calls for opposition to Corona regulations and for demonstrations

Bahner then wrote that she “Unfortunately, the Liberal Democratic Order in Germany (…) could not save from the worst global attack and the lightning-fast establishment of the most inhumane tyranny the world has ever seen.”

The police also requested “Temporary closure” from her website

An Ionos spokesperson confirmed on Thursday evening that the Mannheim police had requested “Temporary closure” om “To remedy existing disruptions to public security”.

Ionos complied with this after being examined by lawyers. However, the site was accessible again on Friday night. The spokesman was unable to explain this initially.

Video confirmation stay Beate in Psychiatric Institution: